Definition, causes, symptoms (& how to fix them)

It can be demoralizing to see the Check Engine Light come on. It is important to diagnose what caused the P0562 code. 

We will be discussing the main causes and solutions for P0562. You will also find solutions. 

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  1. Definition of the code P0562
  2. What does the P0562 code mean?
  3. P0562 Trouble code symptoms
  4. What causes the P0562 code?
  5. What is the P0562 code?
  6. Which Repairs can Fix the Code P0562
  7. Common mistakes in diagnosing P0562
  8. Diagnostic Tools
  9. How to diagnose P0562 Trouble code
  10. Calculated Cost for Repair
  11. The P0562 Code: Mechanics Tips

Definition of the code P0562

P0562 – System Voltage Low

What does the P0562 code mean?

This code P0562 indicates that the voltage in the system is too low. It is caused by an error made by the powertrain computer. The code will be set when the system detects that the voltage has dropped too much. The voltage is lower than 10 V for longer than 60 seconds while the engine is running.

The vehicle's electrical system must have enough power to function properly. The engine can turn on a couple of things, but the battery cannot run them all. The alternator, however, is responsible for supplying the power once the engine has started. The alternator must keep the voltage at an acceptable level, usually between 13.5 to 15 volts. 

If this number falls, the PCM notices the change. The PCM will display a P0562 troublecode and a Check Engine Light. 

P0562 Trouble code symptoms

Common issues that the P0562 Code can cause are the Check Engine Light and Battery Light. 

These are some of the most common symptoms that you may notice when this happens.

What causes the P0562 code?

The most common cause is a faulty alternator that can’t provide the proper amount of voltage. But there may be other issues. These are some of the most serious faults.

What is the P0562 code?

Medium – You may not think the P0562 is a serious code, especially if you aren’t noticing any major symptoms. However, it’s important to fix the problem right away because the issues could lead to an accident.

It could be dangerous for the car to suddenly stop in heavy traffic. The voltage could drop to dangerous levels, which can lead to an emergency situation. It could also prevent your vehicle from starting, leaving you stuck. 

Which Repairs can Fix the Code P0562

It’s important that you perform a complete diagnosis of the system before replacing any parts. Otherwise, you could replace something that wasn’t broken in the first place.

Below are some solutions.

  • Replace alternator
  • Replace voltage regulator
  • Restore/replace wires damaged
  • Change fuse
  • Upgrade/replace the PCM

Common mistakes in diagnosing P0562

If you aren’t careful, you could easily mistake the problem to be a bad battery or starter. If you have trouble getting the car started, this is especially important.

You should do a thorough diagnosis before you replace the starter or battery. It only takes a few minutes to guarantee you aren’t replacing good parts and wasting your money. 

Diagnostic Tools

How to diagnose P0562 Trouble code

These are steps a professional mechanic would use to identify the trouble code P0562.

Start by checking the car’s charging system. Then turn the ignition on and start the headlights. It’s also wise to turn on the blower fan to its top speed. 

You can read the voltage of your battery using your Digital Volt Ohmmeter. An acceptable reading should be between 13.2 to 14.7 volts. You should not read less than 12 V or more than 15 V. This is usually due to the charging system. 

You can have your alternator, car battery and starter tested at most local auto parts stores if you aren’t sure where the problem is.

Find the PCM if the charging seems normal. Check the connectors and wiring. You should inspect the wiring and connectors for any melted or corroded parts. It can be cleaned with an electrical contact solution. You can use electrical grease for the connection points.

If you continue to have problems, make sure that the voltage is adjusted for the PCM. It’s possible that you need to update or replace the PCM if everything else looks okay.

Calculated Cost for Repair

Below are costs for several common P0562 problems.

  • Replace alternator – $300-$650
  • Replace voltage regulator – $300-$425
  • Repair/replace damaged wiring – $5-$500
  • Replace fuse – $5-$25
  • Update/replace PCM – $500-$2,500

The P0562 Code: Mechanics Tips

You should also keep track of other codes you have registered in order to help diagnose P0562. You can also analyze the freeze frame data. Analyze the voltage coming out of the Alternator B+ terminal to see if there are any voltage drops. 

It’s also helpful to look at the charging system requested voltage compared to the actual voltage numbers. If it is difficult to see anything, check out the differences between different engine loads and RPMs.

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