Chrysler Town and Country: P0562 – System Voltage Low

Common OBD-II trouble codes include P0562.  It’s a general code, which means that it means the same thing for any vehicle, including the Chrysler Town and Country.  P0562 This indicates the system voltage has dropped below 10 volts continuously for at least one minute.  With the engine running, the system voltage should be 14.1-14.4 volts, and it’s typically caused by a bad alternator.  It’s very common to get the battery light with P0562.

P0562 Chrysler Town and Country


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  1. Quick Facts P0562
  2. P0562 Symptoms:  Chrysler Town and Country
  3. P0562 Causes + Diagnosis:  Chrysler Town and Country
    1. 1. Alternator
    2. 2. Voltage regulator
    3. 3. Wiring of batteries
    4. 4. Bad Battery
    5. 5. Massive Battery Depletion
  4. Conclusion:  P0562 Chrysler Town and Country

Quick Facts P0562

  • P0562 is triggered whenever your Town and Country’s voltage drops below 10 volts for over a minute straight.
  • The ideal voltage is around 14 volts when the engine is running.
  • They are rarely noticeable.
  • Most often, it is caused by an alternator problem.


P0562 Symptoms:  Chrysler Town and Country

Chrysler Town and Country P0562 Symptoms

If P0562 is the only code your Town and Country has, there typically aren’t any noticeable symptoms.Other than the check engine/battery lamp.  If the voltage of your battery drops to low, symptoms can and will occur.

If you do experience symptoms, it’s due to battery drain.  it is very likely that your Town and Country wouldn’t even turn back on if you tried.  You won't be able to turn the starter on again because your battery has been drained.


Below are the top P0562 symptoms:

  • Verify Engine LiabilityGht– This is the most common symptom, and often the only symptom.
  • Warning/Low Battery–  You’ll more than likely get the battery light with this code.
  • Poor Fuel Economy–  This can occur when your Town and Country’s engine and computer are not getting enough voltage.  This could mean that the computer is unable to adjust ignition timings or fuel mixture in real-time.  Oder, it may be too weak.
  • Failure– Without enough voltage to fire the spark plugs properly, the motor will sputter and cough.  If there is enough misfire, the check engine lamp may flash.
  • Probleme shifting– Today’s modern automatic transmissions are computer controlled.  Without enough voltage getting to them, they won’t be able to respond to the engine RPM and vehicle speed in a timely manner.
  • Won’t Start– A very common situation with P0562 is running the vehicle and everything is operating fine, and the check engine light comes on (battery light too, usually).  You get the vehicle home and when you go to drive it again it won’t start.  You know it's a problem with the alternator.  


P0562 Causes + Diagnosis:  Chrysler Town and Country

These are some of the leading causes for P0562.


1. Alternator

Town and Country P0562 Diagnosis
An alternator typical

The alternator supplies voltage to the battery and to all of your Town and Country’s electrical system while it is running.  Bad alternators can lead to P0562.  If it goes all the way bad that’s make diagnosing the code relatively easy.  The vehicle won’t start if it runs too long with a bad alternator.  How long it would take to drain the battery all the way is going to depend on the battery’s age and driving conditions.

It’s when the alternator begins to intermittently fail it can be tricky to diagnose.  Many auto parts stores can test your alternator free of charge.  You can get a replacement alternator at most auto parts stores if yours fails. It is quite affordable.  While you're at it, make sure to replace the serpentine belt.

Diagnosis of the Chrysler Town and Country Alternator


2. Voltage regulator

To prevent overloading, the voltage regulator makes sure that only a set voltage is passed to the charging system.  This regulator prevents too much voltage passing, and can throw P0562.


3. Wiring of batteries

There’s a lot of wiring associated with your Town and Country’s charging system.  The following wiring should be checked for corrosion, fraying, or poor connections.

  • Batterie Terminals– The battery terminals, if left alone long enough, will corrode on any vehicle.  When this happens it’s difficult for the charging system to function properly.
  • Wiring an alternator for a battery– Take a look at the wiring from the alternator to the battery.  Check to make sure it is not frayed or damaged.  Be especially careful with parts that come in contact with other parts of the engine.
  • Ground Wire– The ground wire that bolts to the negative battery terminal will bolt to the chassis or engine block.  It is important to ensure the connection remains strong and corrosion-free.
  • The PCM connection to the Alternator– Check to see if the wiring going from the alternator straight to the PCM looks good.  The wiring harness has a lot of distance to travel and can be damaged even if it is well protected.  The wiring harness's connection to the motherboard should be checked for fraying.  It is not the most common wiring problem on our list. You should only investigate it if you are unable to find any other solutions.


4. Bad Battery

While a bad battery can throw P0562, it’s not nearly as likely as an alternator or wiring issue.  It is important to have the battery tested before you replace it.


5. Massive Battery Depletion

If your vehicle has aftermarket equipment such as a very high watt stereo system, winch, or something else, it could be placing such a heavy load on the charging system that you’re getting P0562.  It should take at most a minute for the code to be thrown.

A major power draw can occur if there is a problem.  If something goes wrong and draws too much power, this can occur.

Diagnosis for Battery Drainage at Chrysler Town and Country


Conclusion:  P0562 Chrysler Town and Country

Finding P0562 is not easy.  It’s usually the alternator that is at fault.  You can add anything to the comments section.  We wish you all the best in fixing your town and country!


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