Chrysler 200 P0522: Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch → Low Input

P0522 Chrysler 200


P0522 This is an OBD2 diagnostic Code that is activated when you Chrysler 200 The sensor senses that the value sent by the oil pressure sensor has fallen below the range of normal operation.

Most often, it is caused by an error in the oil pressure sensor.  Although it's possible and likely that your oil pressure sensor/sensor is damaged, it may also mean there is an issue with the oil.

You assume you don't have oil pressure. Only then can you be sure.  If there isn’t any oil pressure, this can keep the engine from locking up. 

Your 200’s oil pressure sensor measures the oil pressure mechanically, and converts that reading into a voltage signal that the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) uses for the oil pressure reading.  This is the reading you will see on your oil gauge. It also triggers an oil warning light.


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  1. P0522 Quick Facts
  2. P0522 Symptoms:  Chrysler 200
  3. 200 Causes of P0522
  4. P0522 Diagnosis: Chrysler 200
    1. 1. Examine the oil
    2. 2. Examine the Wiring Harness
    3. 3. Manually check your oil pressure
  5. Conclusion:  P0522 Chrysler 200

P0522 Quick Facts

  • Most often caused by an issue with your 200’s oil pressure sensor or circuit
  • You should take it very seriously
  • Most common symptoms are the oil light and an incorrect oil pressure gauge reading.
  • Simple to diagnose


Chrysler 200 P0522 OBD2 Code Diagnosis


P0522 Symptoms:  Chrysler 200

Below are the top symptoms of P0522.

  • Low oil light/Gauge A bad oil pressure sensor can cause P0522. However, the low oil warning and oil pressure gauge readings should be treated as correct until you are certain.
  • Ticking and knocking- If your engine is ticking and knocking, it’s likely that the oil pressure sensor is accurate and there’s a problem with the engine or you need oil.
  • Won’t Start  If there was no oil pressure, your 200’s engine very well could have locked up.



200 Causes of P0522

The problem with your sensor wire or sensor sensor is what causes P0522. This would indicate that your engine is in good condition.  Or it is going to be caused by an issue your 200’s oil level, viscosity, pressure, or cleanliness.  

This code is important because it ensures proper oil flow.


These are some of the leading causes for P0522.

  • Low oil consumption or none The first thing that you should do is check to see if there is oil in your 200’s engine at all.  It can also throw the P0522 error if it is low or empty.  Clear the code and fill up the oil.  
  • Low oil pressure This code may appear if the oil pressure is too low.  This code should be visible with an oil light or low readings from the oil pressure gauge.  Chrysler 200 Diagnostics for Low Oil Pressure
  • Wrong or dirty oil- If there hasn’t been an oil change for a long enough period of time, it can interfere with the oil pressure sensor, even if there still is oil pressure. 
  • Oil Pressure Sensor Wiring P0522 indicates that the signal from the oil pressure sensor below it’s operating range.  It could be a problem with the wiring..
  • Oil Pressure Sensor Although the P0522 problem is most likely caused by the oil pressure sensor, it is worth looking into the wiring and oil first.


P0522 Diagnosis: Chrysler 200

This P0522 diagnosis order is written (like everything on the site) for the DIY guy who doesn’t have a lot of specialty tools. 

1. Examine the oil

TCheck the oil level first.  If it’s full make sure that it looks healthy.  It may interfere with the oil pressure sensor if it is darkened or gritty.  It can trigger P0522 if the oil was too viscous.


2. Examine the Wiring Harness

Next, you should inspect the wiring harness running from the oil pressure sensor to the PCM.  It could also be the cause of P0522.  Don’t forget to make sure that the harness is still plugged into the sending unit and undamaged.  

One of the most common reasons this code is thrown is because wiring problems are common.  The wiring is close to the 200’s exhaust and can get brittle over time.


3. Manually check your oil pressure

If the wiring and oil levels are in good condition, you can manually test the oil pressure.  There are two options: Manual oil pressure gauge to see if it’s where it needs to be.  These are simple to use.  Here’s a Great YouTube Video This will demonstrate how you can use the gauge to test.

If the oil pressure from the gauge reads ok, you’ll need to replace the oil pressure sending unit/sensor.  They’re cheap.  If there is low or no oil pressure, you’ll need to figure out why.


Conclusion:  P0522 Chrysler 200

It’s relatively straightforward diagnosing P0522.  This is made easier by knowing the exact oil pressure.  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and best wishes with the Chrysler 200.

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