Chevy Silverado P0506: Idle Air Control – RPM Lower than Expected


P0506 It is the most common OBDII code. It's usually caused by an engine speed that is below the manufacturer-predetermined limit.

P0506 Chevy Silverado

This is known as a generic code. It has the exact same meaning regardless of whether it's used for another purpose. Chevy Silverado As it would for any other vehicle.


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  1.  P0506 Symptoms:  Silverado
  2. Chevy Silverado P0506 Diagnoses and Causes
    1. Vacuum Leak
    2. Valve for Idle Air Control
    3. Throttle body
    4. Blockage of Intake or Exhaust
  3. Conclusion

 P0506 Symptoms:  Silverado

P0506 is usually not noticeable while driving. The following symptoms are typical for Silverado.

  • Coming Soon: Service Engine Light– The reason why you are here.
  • Lower idle speed– Assuming that the code has been thrown due to a legitimate issue, you should notice the engine running slower when not pushing the gas.
  • Stalling–  The idle may be too slow for the car to run without pressing on the accelerator pedal.


Chevy Silverado P0506 Diagnoses and Causes

There may be many reasons for P0506. While the code specifically mentions the “Idle Air Control System”, it would be a mistake to just go ahead and replace the idle air control valve without a little due diligence. It’s not always the cause of the code.

Below are some common problems that can be caused by P0506 on the Chevy Silverado. There are many model year differences. Start by searching for the a Vacuum leak From there, you can move on.


Vacuum Leak

The Silverado will idle more often if the vacuum system leaks. Leakage of the vacuum system causes the combustion chamber's air equilibrium to be upset. 

How do you find a leak in your vehicle's vaccum? (Popular Mechanics, Article)
In less than a minute, how to find a vacuum leak (2CarPros, YouTube)

Bad things can cause a vacuum leak vacuum hoseThe Intake is endless, EGR SystemYou can find it anywhere that air is flowing. It’s not hard to find a vacuum leak though. Use the resources above and you’ll find it in no time.


Valve for Idle Air Control

The majority of modern fuel-injected engine are fitted with an idle control valve. Some engines are not equipped with an idle air control valve. If you have determined that you don’t have a vacuum leak, the IAC is a great second place to troubleshoot P0506.  You can find idle air control valves here Very affordable.

P0506 Diagnosis Silverado
An Idle Air Control Valve

How to diagnose an IAC Valve (Autozone Guides)


Throttle body

In the course of an automobile's life, the throttle body will open and close millions of time. It can collect dust from all the air passing through it. The vehicle's idle performance can be affected by this grime. When dirty, you’ll often feel the vehicle almost stall before the computer compensates and opens it a little more.

An Typical Throttle Body

If the throttle body is damaged or not functioning properly, then the code can be thrown.

Here are some signs your Throttle Body is failing and what to do (Repair Pal)
What to do if your throttle body is dirty or bad? (YouTube auto repair, Youtube).


Blockage of Intake or Exhaust

The idle could drop to P0506 due to a problem with the catalytic convert or the intake manifold. 


This is an extremely serious problem. We recommend that your Silverado be serviced immediately due to the danger of an engine which can stop at any moment. We wish you all the best!

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