Chevy Blazer P0449: Vent Valve Solenoid – Circuit Malfunction

A considerably frequent difficulty with the Chevy Blazer is the P0449 code. This code references a quantity that's given to you whenever you plug it right into a OBD2 scanner. P0449 offers with the evaporative emissions management (EVAP) system. It usually seems with, or is expounded different codes, comparable to P0420, P0446, and fairly often P0455.



P0449 is generally not a direct menace to the drive-ability of your Blazer. Actually anytime the service engine quickly mild is on, it’s good to take care of it as quickly as doable although. Additionally, a actually good scanner will assist you to establish whether or not or not the vent valve is working appropriately. Most retailers have these scanners. There’s a hyperlink in direction of the underside the web page on precisely how you can carry out a high quality analysis with a scan device.


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Chevy Blazer P0449 Definition

P0449 Chevy Blazer
P0449 is a common OBDII hassle code. Which means that no matter which make or mannequin of car, the code will imply the identical factor (Blazer or not, so long as it was manufactured after 1996).

P0449 signifies that the valve or solenoid circuit that controls the evaporation system is just not functioning correctly. The EVAP system cycles gas vapor from the gasoline tank into the consumption manifold, a charcoal canister, or straight into the air relying on the mannequin of car. When this technique malfunctions, the gas vapor is just not being handled correctly.

The ECM (Engine Management Module) of the automobile has detected that there's a fault within the circuit which controls the vent that releases the gas vapor from the system. This will likely be adopted by the service engine quickly mild.


Chevy Blazer P0449 OBDII Code Signs

P0449 OBDII Code Diagnosis Chevy Blazer
The service engine quickly mild is commonly the one signal that the P0449 code has been triggered

P0449 code will usually not be accompanied by any noticeable signs apart from the scent of gasoline and the service engine quickly mild. You might discover the slightest dip in gas economic system as nicely.

It is best to notably discover the scent of gas across the gas tank space or gas filler tube.

The EVAP system offers straight with gas vapors. If these vapors are leaking from the system, you’ll usually scent them faintly whereas working the automobile.


Blazer P0449 Hassle Code Causes

There are various issues that may trigger the P0449 hassle code to set off in your Chevy Blazer. Listed below are the commonest issues that can throw the code together with an ideal video on the entire course of:


  • Gasoline Cap– A nasty gas cap could cause the code to be thrown for positive. Typically, you’ll get a message informing you that the gas cap is off even when it's on. In case you are getting that message, plus a P0449, it might prevent a ton of money and time to exchange the gas cap and see if it goes away.
  • EVAP System Hose– The hose that carries the gas vapor from the gas tank to the consumption manifold can start to leak. This may trigger the P0449 code. Search for both a tear or gap in it. This is without doubt one of the most typical points that causes this code. The opening could be very tough to seek out with no smoke take a look at.
  • Vapor Canister Purge Valve– Some of the frequent causes of the P0449 code is the vapor canister purge valve. It’s very easy to exchange. There are a couple of clips that it is advisable to discover and take away. Right here’s how you can take a look at a purge valve (YouTube).
  • Fuse/Wiring Issues– If the wiring going to the valve has been compromise, it’ll result in the P0449.
  • Gasoline Tank Sending Unit– It's doable for the gasket that attaches the gas sending unit to the gasoline tank to go dangerous. This may cut back tank strain and throw the code. This could definitely not be the place to start out.
  • Gasoline Filler Neck– There's usually a gasket the place the gas filler neck connects with the gasoline tank. This gasket can dry out, particularly with autos that spend their time in dry climates. When it dries out, the gas tank can’t maintain strain anymore, it might erroneously throw P0449.


P0449 Prognosis- Chevy Blazer

A mechanic has a variety of devices at his (or her) disposal to diagnose what could be inflicting the P0449 in your Chevy Blazer. Listed below are the commonest issues which can be executed to diagnose the code:

  • The mechanic will examine the gasoline cap to be sure that it may deal with strain. In case you are getting a warning that your gasoline cap is off, even when it’s on, changing it can greater than possible clear this code.
  • The mechanic will usually test to see if there are another hassle codes. The extra hassle codes there are, the simpler it may be to diagnose an issue. That’s as a result of after they seem collectively in sure combos, there'll usually solely be just a few situations that can throw any mixture of codes at one time.
  • After ascertaining what hassle codes seem with the P0449, the mechanic will usually examine the EVAP system. This contains the purge valve, line, and canister.
  • The gas tank strain will likely be checked and monitored.
  • After for the checks and fixes listed above, the mechanic will carry out two checks: A smoke take a look at, they usually’ll use a scan device to substantiate that the EVAP solenoids and valves are working correctly.

Nonetheless having hassle? Right here’s a tremendous technical video that's tremendous in-depth on diagnosing P0449.


Most Frequent P0449 Fixes

P0449 Code Fix Chevy Blazer

Listed below are the commonest Blazer P0449 fixes:

  • Gasoline cap alternative
  • EVAP line alternative
  • Vent valve alternative
  • Wiring restore

Of all of the objects listed above, it will be smart to start out with the gasoline cap and work your method to the gas tank, for the reason that gasoline cap is much and away the best and least costly objects to exchange on right here.

Right here’s an ideal video on how you can take a look at your gasoline cap.

Good luck determining what's inflicting your Chevy Blazer to throw the P0449 code. We hope this helps. If there may be something that you simply really feel like you possibly can add, please be at liberty to depart a remark under.


Is P0449 a Critical Concern?

Whereas P0449 is just not going to trigger the Blazer’s engine to cease working, it shouldn't be handled calmly. You could possibly have a gas leak. Pay additional consideration to your tank stage and be sure to will not be leaking gas. We suggest taking it in and/or coping with it straight away.

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