Carvana: Buying a Car

Finding a used vehicle of high quality can be difficult. However, the internet makes it much easier. Carvana is a popular way to buy a used car online. Carvana is a good place to buy a car. 

It’s simple to buy online through Carvana and you have access to a ton of vehicles. You also have access to exceptional financing options and a return policy. On the other hand, you don’t get to see the vehicle in person or take it for a test drive.

This guide will help you determine if it is right for you. Also, we discuss buying a Carvana car. 

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  1. Carvana has many positive aspects to buying a car
    1. 1. Quick Process
    2. 2. Amazing Prices
    3. 3. Amazing Financing Rates
    4. 4. Customers Service team highly rated
    5. 5. Return Policy & Warranty
  2. The Cons of buying a car from Carvana
    1. 1. Poor Trade-in Deals
    2. 2. Can’t Inspect Cars Physically
    3. 3. No test drives
    4. 4. Insufficient Charitable Giving
  3. Carvana's Working Principles
  4. Carvana Cars: What Should You Do?

Carvana has many positive aspects to buying a car

1. Quick Process

Websites are rarely as user-friendly as these. Carvana’s. In just a few minutes’ time, you can find your dream car, purchase it, receive the latest financing offers or get a trade-in value on your existing vehicle.

Do you know how long it takes to accomplish these tasks in a traditional dealer? If you are lucky, you might spend as little as two hours at the dealership, but that’s unlikely. 

2. Amazing Prices

Carvana keeps its prices down by using an online platform. Super discounts are possible with less overhead.

You will find that the price of most cars is a little lower than any other place for an identical model. Carvana can pass savings on to you because they have only 28 locations with about one third of the traditional staff. 

3. Amazing Financing Rates

You can apply for Carvana's latest financing opportunities in just two minutes. It only takes a few minutes and requires no credit checks. These terms will allow you to save more. 

If you have any questions, you can talk to someone on the Carvana staff. It’s also possible to get your own financing if you prefer. 

4. Customers Service team highly rated

You can see the high ratings of Carvana's customer service staff from online reviews. It’s simple to get a hold of someone when you need help.

The staff are always available to help you and will go the extra mile to make your experience a pleasant one. The staff is caring, and they will truly listen to you. 

5. Return Policy & Warranty

Carvana offers a 7-day return policy, with no hassle. Even pick up the vehicle. 

Carvana offers a warranty of 100 days/4,189 miles. It even covers cosmetic problems in addition to standard mechanical components. 

The Cons of buying a car from Carvana

1. Poor Trade-in Deals

The downside of buying cars that are cheaper is that you won’t get as much for the car you turn in. Carvana is known to sell cars for 25% less than the Edmunds True market Value. Most dealers are offering 40-60%. 

If you want to buy from Carvana, it’s best to sell your car elsewhere. Carmax and selling your vehicle yourself are the best options. 

2. Can’t Inspect Cars Physically

Carvana Certified Program also includes a 150-point inspection. This is intended to make sure everything in the program is in top condition. However, the company isn’t spending a lot of time on this inspection.

It would take hours to do a real mechanical inspection. That’s why some cars show up with defective parts, body scratches and other imperfections. 

3. No test drives

It’s hard to pick a car simply by looking at online pictures. The best way to experience the vehicle is by getting behind the wheel. 

Without the ability to take a test drive, you can’t see how the vehicle feels. The company offers seven-day return policy, but you must pay first.

4. Insufficient Charitable Giving

Carvana earns about $5 billion each year. Despite this, Carvana does not do much charitable work.

One would expect that a large organization will do more to benefit the community and people. If you are looking to help companies who give back, this is a major problem. 

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Carvana's Working Principles

It isn’t difficult to buy a vehicle from Carvana. These are some tips that will help you get started.

  1. Head to Carvana’s website.
  2. Click “Search Cars.”
  3. Browse the available cars, and then filter using various filters.
  4. You can browse the photos and descriptions until you find exactly what you need. 
  5. Choose “Delivery & Pickup Options” to determine how you will get the vehicle.
  6. When you click “Get Started,” you will begin buying the vehicle.
  7. Get a fast offer when you apply for financing 
  8. If you reside in an eligible area, the vehicle will be delivered free of charge to your home. You may be charged additional fees if you live in an otherwise eligible area.
  9. If you'd prefer, you could also take the vehicle home.

It doesn’t get much easier than that to buy a car through Carvana. Do you think this is the right choice for you? Let’s take a look. 

Carvana Cars: What Should You Do?

Go ahead and buy from Carvana if you are looking for a simple online process and you don’t mind missing the in-person effect. Carvana can also be a good option if your research is complete and you already know the product you are looking for. You’ll get the best price possible from Carvana and you have a 7-day return policy to take advantage of.

Don’t buy a car from Carvana if you aren’t sure what you want. It’s important to do your research first before shopping online. If you're looking for a more expensive car, Carvana is not a good option. Putting out $30k on a car you haven’t seen can be a little troublesome.

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