Brands of Foreign Cars in the USA (2022)

American brands such as Ford and Chevy are well-known. This might make you wonder about the brands that are made in other countries. The only way to properly evaluate all of the vehicles sold in the United States it’s to review a complete list of foreign car brands in the US. 

American roads include foreign-brand cars. Automakers selling vehicles in the United States include those from South Korea and Japan as well as Germany, England, Sweden, Italy, Germany, South Korea and China. Many of these firms also own factories in the United States. 

This guide reviews the best foreign automakers. We break each company down by the region it’s from and show you what the brand is known for.

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  1. South Korean car brands
    1. 1. Hyundai
    2. 2. Kia 
    3. 3. Genesis
  2. Japanese Car Brands
    1. 1. Honda
    2. 2. Acura
    3. 3. Toyota 
    4. 4. Lexus
    5. 5. Nissan 
    6. 6. INFINITI
    7. 7. Subaru
    8. 8. Mazda
    9. 9. Mitsubishi
  3. German Car Brands
    1. 1. Audi
    2. 2. BMW
    3. 3. Mercedes-Benz
    4. 4. Volkswagen
    5. 5. Porsche
    6. 6. Bugatti
  4. British Car Brands
    1. 1. Land Rover
    2. 2. Jaguar
    3. 3. Aston Martin
    4. 4. Bentley
    5. 5. MINI
    6. 6. Rolls-Royce
    7. 7. McLaren
    8. 8. Lotus
  5. Italian Car Brands
    1. 1. FIAT
    2. 2. Alfa Romeo
    3. 3. Maserati
    4. 4. Ferrari
    5. 5. Lamborghini
  6. Additional Import Car Brands
    1. 1. Volvo
    2. 2. Polestar
  7. Questions about foreign brands of cars
    1. Are you able to purchase a European vehicle in the US?
    2. What’s considered a foreign car?
    3. Can America be hurt by purchasing foreign vehicles?
    4. Is it really possible to have a better car than an American one?

South Korean car brands

1. Hyundai

Hyundai was one of the first South Korean companies to be established. In 1986, the Excel became its first American-based model.

Today, it’s one of the most popular brands on the road. It offers a wide range of SUVs and passenger cars. 

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2. Kia 

In 1992, Kia began selling cars in the area. Sephia was the first model to be sold in this county. 

Hyundai Motor Company purchased the business in 1998 to keep it from going bankrupt. The large Kia Telluride SUV is its most popular model.

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3. Genesis

Hyundai's luxury subsidiary Genesis, is Genesis. The country's first appearance of Genesis was in 2016.

There are many luxury sedans available today. Just recently, the automaker released the GV60 all-electric SUV.

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Japanese Car Brands

1. Honda

The automaker is a major importer to America for the past several decades. It has sold cars in the United States since 1959. 

This reliable car continues to rank highly. The Civic, Accord, and CR-V represent the top choices.

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2. Acura

Honda's luxury brand Acura is Acura. In 1986, the first car was on our roads.

The luxury range now includes sedans, SUVs, and sports cars. Both the RDX and MDX continue to be the brand’s most popular models.

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3. Toyota 

Honda and Toyota have fought for the top spot. Our first model debuted on the streets of America in 1957.

There are many choices today, including the Corolla Camry and Tundra. Scion was also a part of the business until its sale.

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4. Lexus

Lexus is Toyota’s luxury arm. The first LS 4000, ES 250 and ES 250 were introduced in 1989. These models have been hugely successful.

People love the IS sedan. But, the company’s most popular model is the RX crossover.

5. Nissan 

Nissan comes from the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. However, Nissan was the most well-known brand in this union.

It’s the oldest imported brand, with Datsun cars available beginning in 1958. The automaker today offers an extensive range of SUVs, cars and trucks.

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INFINITI is the luxury brand from Nissan. In 1989, the US received the M30 coupe as well the Q45 sedan.

INFINITI now offers an extensive range of luxury SUVs and cars. The flagship SUV on today's roads is the QX80.

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7. Subaru

Subaru has been a popular company in rally cars for a long time. In the United States, 1968 saw the introduction of passenger cars.

You might not be aware that Toyota controls 20% of the company. This accounts for recent collaborations. Toyota offers many cars and SUVs today with all-wheel drive. 

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8. Mazda

Mazda Motor of America, Inc. was established in 1960. It was initially known as a pioneer in roadster technology.

Fans still love the MX-5. There are now a variety of affordable cars and crossovers in the range.

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9. Mitsubishi

This foreign automaker hasn’t been as popular as others, even though it’s partnered with Nissan. This brand first appeared in 1981.

Mitsubishi made automobiles for Chrysler before that, including the Colt. You will find many cheaper models like the Outlander today.

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German Car Brands

1. Audi

In 1970, the first Audi model arrived in America. The first model was the Audi 100 LS. Since then, the company has grown exponentially.

Today, it’s known for the A-series and Q-series. Soon, it’s going to take a leadership position with the E-Tron EV lineup.

2. BMW

Our roads were first graced by a BMW in 1956. Since then, it’s been a popular luxury brand, constantly battling for a top spot.

This company offers sports cars, roadster, sedans, and SUVs. M versions, high-performance models are the most popular. 

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3. Mercedes-Benz

We received our first Mercedes-Benz in 1952, but there wasn’t a dealership until 1965. While the S-Class is a leader in advanced technology, features and design, there was a price.

Mercedes has also a Maybach spinoff company. They are similar to Rolls-Royce quality.

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4. Volkswagen

1949 saw the debut of the VW. It became very popular among enthusiasts throughout the country.

However, the brand isn’t as popular as it once was. There are still many premium models available.

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5. Porsche

Porsche North America was established in 1982. Prior to that, Porsche North America was established in 1982.

Porsche's outstanding performance is what it remains today. There’s a variety of sports cars, sedans, EVs and crossovers to pick from. 

6. Bugatti

Bugatti could also be used in German and Italian marques. Although the automaker is from Italy, it was made in Germany.

Still, it’s part of the Volkswagen Group, so it seemed most fitting in this category. You still won’t see a lot on the roads because of the high price tag. 

British Car Brands

1. Land Rover

Although there may be a few off-road SUVs from other manufacturers, they are not the only ones. These SUVs are offered by Land Rover in luxury.

It’s been a best-selling brand in the United States since the late 1980s. Today it’s best known for the Range Rover and Defender models. 

2. Jaguar

Jaguar is a US-based brand that has existed in America since 1935. It’s first imported model was the S.S. Jaguar.

It’s now in competition with Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Today’s most popular model is actually an SUV, the F-PACE.

3. Aston Martin

Aston Martin is best-known for what? It’s been the brand of the Bond car for a long time.

In 1990, Aston Martin was first seen in America. It had limited sales. The popularity hasn’t grown much, but there are plenty of sports car models to choose from.

4. Bentley

Bentley's brand is all about luxury. We aren’t sure when the brand started regularly selling in the US, but the Grand Tourer was on the roads in 1919.

Three models are available today. Flying Spur, the sports coupe with the Continental being the sedan and Bentayga the SUV is called the Continental Flying Spur. 


MINI, a brand that is more practical from England, makes a better choice. Still, it’s unique and fun, giving it an interesting appeal on today’s roads. 

The brand’s dealerships have been on these shores since 2002. Original MINI models, however, were imported from the 1960s. 

6. Rolls-Royce

In 1906, the United States got its first Rolls-Royce. Rolls-Royce of America began in 1921. 

This brand is well-known for its distinctive hood ornament known as Spirit of Ecstasy. Today, it’s popular for being opulent and unattainable for most people.

7. McLaren

McLaren's lineup of supercars is among the best in the world. The McLaren supercars' first sale was in 2011. 

Today, it’s known for the 720S and Artura, which is a hybrid. You will have to pay $200k+ for one. 

8. Lotus

Lotus is not a well-known brand. It’s been in the United States since 2005 but hasn’t grown much over the years.

These sports cars can be smaller but still have great power. There have been some production problems that make it hard to offer options for the U.S. markets.

Italian Car Brands


FIAT first appeared in America in 1908. In 1925, the Chrysler Corporation purchased production.

After a brief interruption, the FIAT was back in business from the 1950s until 1983. The FIAT was brought back by Chrysler LLC after it was partnered in 2009. 

2. Alfa Romeo

The United States welcomed the Alfa Romeo brand back in 2015 That’s when the company partnered with FIAT and the Stellantis Group. 

The 4C was the first to bring it back. Now, it’s best known for the Stelvio and Giulia models, which provide the utmost amount of luxury.

3. Maserati

Maserati is no stranger to the U.S. Market. It has had financial problems several times. However, it’s been back since 2002. 

The Italian brand was created to rival Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. Today the Levante is well-known for its Quattroporte (Quattroporte) and Ghibli. 

4. Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari may be the most famous automaker worldwide. He’s just as important as Henry Ford in the industry.

In 1964, Ferrari opened the first American dealership. The company's popularity has grown with extreme speed enthusiasts. 

5. Lamborghini

Lamborghini began as a farm tractor company. It wasn’t long before the automaker tried to rival Ferrari with luxury cars.

It’s unclear when they first arrived in the United States because wealthy residents have been importing them for many years. The Urus and Huracan are today's most well-known models.

Additional Import Car Brands

1. Volvo

Volvo is a trusted brand that's practical and secure. The Swedish brand Volvo arrived in America in 1955.

The company started out as a line of wagons, and then expanded to include family cars. The company has redesigned its look to show more SUVs. 

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2. Polestar

Polestar started as part of Volvo's Swedish brand. It was eventually purchased by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in China. 

The company currently sells the Polestar 2 It is a four-door convertible that's battery powered and growing in popularity.

Questions about foreign brands of cars

Are you able to purchase a European vehicle in the US?

You can purchase a European vehicle in the US. It is possible to buy an American car made in Japan or Italy. In fact, you can buy any type of car you want in the US – as long as it’s been converted to comply with US emissions and safety regulations.

What’s considered a foreign car?

Generally speaking, a foreign car is any car that’s not manufactured in your home country. So, if you’re living in the United States, a foreign car would be any vehicle that’s not made in America.

Can America be hurt by purchasing foreign vehicles?

In theory, buying brand new foreign cars hurts America’s economy as a whole. It is common for foreign automakers to build their factories abroad in areas where labor is less expensive than here in the United States. Therefore, when Americans choose to buy imported cars over American-made vehicles, this hurts their economy and costs them jobs.

Is it really possible to have a better car than an American one?

The answer isn't universal. This depends on the car you want. One person may choose the strength and durability of a foreign vehicle, while another may like the style, performance, or features of an American automobile. It all comes down to individual preference.

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