BMWs are called Bimmers or Beamers because they have the ability to drive on roads.

The BMW lineup is known for many names because of its rich history. It may be called a beamer, or a BMW bimmer. But what does this mean? BMWs are called beamers and bimmers. 

We will be discussing the origins of the nicknames in this guide. This guide also explains the differences among the different nicknames BMW uses.

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  1. BMWs are sometimes called Beemers, Beemers or Bimmers.
  2. BMW Nickname Origins
    1. 1. Beemer
    2. 2. Beamer
    3. 3. Bimmer 
  3. Is there a Chinese name for BMW?
  4. Weitere Nicknames for BMW
  5. BMW's history 
  6. These are the Top 3 BMW Models of All Time
    1. 1. BMW Nazca C2
    2. 2. BMW Alpina B10 Biturbo
    3. 3. E30 BMW M3
  7. BMW FAQs
    1. How do Beemer and Bimmer differ?
    2. What does the acronym BMW mean?
    3. What is the BMW slang for Beamer?
    4. Mercedes beamers are they?

BMWs are sometimes called Beemers, Beemers or Bimmers.

To describe BMW's motorcycle and car lineup, the terms Beemer, Bimmer, and Beemer can be used interchangeably. But each term is different in meaning and pronunciation. These terms are old, but you need to choose the right one.

There’s a lot of confusion between the three names and most people use them in the wrong sense. That’s why it’s vital to discuss the origin and purpose of each.

BMW Nickname Origins

1. Beemer

Beezer, a British manufacturer that made the BMW motorcycles was around when it was first released and was growing in popularity. BSA bikes were the company's top competitor.

BMW chose the name Beemer to distinguish itself from the Beezer range. Although this nickname wasn't intended to be used for BMW cars, it is still widely used. 

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2. Beamer

BMW bike owners originally started using Beemer, but it slowly got moved over to the car lineup, even though it wasn’t supposed to be. Beemer was then changed to the spelling Beamer. This variation came about simply because people weren’t sure how to spell it originally.

But, most people will agree with you that Beamer was the nickname of BMW cars. It was actually meant to be used for the bicycle lineup, and was called Beemer. This nickname is incorrect on both fronts. 

3. Bimmer 

The term "bimmer" was introduced in 1970, some decades after its invention. The popularity of BMW cars was increasing in America. Many enthusiasts began to refer to them as "beamers", even though the name is reserved for bikes.

Only the einzige group to do it correctly was The Boston Chapter BMW Club. From the beginning, they titled their group’s newsletter the “Bimmer.” Shortly after that, a new magazine was published that had nothing to do with the Boston Chapter and it was titled Bimmer as well. It became the most popular nickname for BMW cars. The nickname is still used today for all BMW cars and SUVs and it has also grown in Germany. 

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Is there a Chinese name for BMW?

Chinese give the BMW line a unique name. China called the BMW cars "boa-ma" in the 1990s. This was a Chinese term for a precious horse. Chinese consider horses sacred animals and are able to compete with others. Therefore, this is an honor for the company. 

Since cars are now the main means of transportation, the horses would not be considered. The BMW has also become a status symbol in China, along with many other countries, so it’s obvious that it would be termed precious. 

Weitere Nicknames for BMW

Bimmer and Beemer, Beamer, Beemer and Boa-ma are just a few of the many nicknames that have been given to the manufacturer. But, they're also known as the brand by other names around the globe. You might not be aware of these most famous names.

  • B M – Arab countries/Mexico
  • Bemari/Bemm – Estonia
  • Bemari – Finland
  • Beba (Greek word for female baby) – Greece
  • bimmari – Iceland
  • Bee Emm Vé – Iran
  • Bambalis/Bimbalas – Lithuania
  • Bembis – Latvia
  • Beemka/Beemwica/Buma/Bejca – Poland
  • Bim – Romania
  • Boomer – Russia
  • Bembara – Serbia
  • Be me uve – Spain

There are probably many others that get used that we don’t even know about yet. Bottom line: The BMW range is loved by everyone around the globe. Each culture gives it their own name.

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BMW's history 

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, also known as BMW. The initial purpose of the brand is to make piston engines for aircraft. But the company was only able to wait a while before moving into motorcycle production. The BMW R 32 went on sale in 1923.

In 1928, BMW’s first car was also released. The Austin Stevens 7 was BMW’s first automobile. But, little has changed between then and the end of World War II. 

BMW survived World War II, though not very well. BMW was heavily focused on making pots and cooking tools, as well as bicycles. The 1950s saw a lot of expansion. In 1951 the BMW 501 luxury saloon hit the market. The BMW Isetta followed in 1955. The Isetta, which was part of micro car segments, became very popular. This helped BMW to be at the top of its market. 

But, another financial crisis was coming to the business. Daimler nearly bought BMW. That would have placed Mercedes-Benz as well as BMW under the one roof. Herbert and Harald Quandt invested heavily in 1959 to save the company. This investment resulted in several models being released including the compact sedan line that was introduced on the roads in 1962. 

BMW began to create the different Series in 1970. The 3 Series started as an entry-level, compact sedan. The 5 Series followed, considered an upgrade. Following the 5 Series, the company introduced the 6 Series. It was a step up from the previous models, but it remained very focused on high levels of luxury. To compete against the Mercedes-Benz S Class, the 7 Series was eventually released. People are able to understand all the nomenclatures and know exactly which Series they need for their purposes.

BMW later started several other brands under its umbrella. The automaker bought MINI, Land Rover and Rolls Royce to offer customers something that wasn’t part of its lineup. Rolls Royce offers more than the 7 Series while MINI creates a niche for its compact car. Land Rover SUVs stand out in their own way. BMW owned Land Rover only until 2000 when it was purchased by Ford Motor Company. 

BMW Motorrad, which is part of BMW Group today, can also be found in the BMW Group. BMW Motorrad is its motorcycle division. However, both the BMW lineup of cars and bikes continue to thrive in today’s market.

These are the Top 3 BMW Models of All Time

1. BMW Nazca C2

The BMW Nazca C2 Giorgetto Giugiaro created it. It is known for being the most beautiful BMW. It was built with a V12 engine of 5.0L to deliver 380 horsepower. However, there were only three versions of this vehicle. 

It is a limited edition design that makes it one the most sought-after collectibles of any automaker. Plus, it’s beautiful with its carbon fiber construction, glass top and gullwing doors. 

2. BMW Alpina B10 Biturbo

If you are looking for a BMW model that overflows with power, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as the Alpina Biturbo B10. Production started in 1989, with the revision of the 5 Series E34 executive car that’s blended with Alpina performance

The vehicle was continually upgraded with Alpina’s help, making it the fastest sedan in production back in 1989. There were only 507 of these vehicles created through 1994, making them another collector’s item. 

3. E30 BMW M3

The E30 BMW M3 was produced from 1987 until 1991, so it’s another limited-edition run. The historic qualities of this BMW are still being celebrated. 

This model earned the nickname “God’s Chariot” because of how it handled on the road. This model became popular with both racers as well as sports car enthusiasts. It is much simpler to find this model because 17,970 units were manufactured.


How do Beemer and Bimmer differ?

Historical records show that Bimmer was the nickname of BMW cars while Beemer was for BMW bikes. You can interchange the terms and use either beemer or bimmer for BMW cars.

What does the acronym BMW mean?

BMW stands for BMW Letters Bayerische Motoren WerkeBavarian Motor Works is German for "Bavarian Motor Works". BMW was established in 1916 as a German manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorbikes. It has its headquarters located in Munich and manufactures vehicles under the Rolls-Royce, Mini and BMW marques.

What is the BMW slang for Beamer?

Yes, “Beamer” is a slang term that is often used to refer to BMW vehicles or motorcycles. Although bimmer can be used to describe BMW cars and beamer, or beemer, was used for motorcycles. They are now interchangeable.

Mercedes beamers are they?

No, Mercedes aren’t called beamers. BMWs can be called "Beamers" because of their nickname. Benz is a shorthand for Mercedes Benz cars. The two brands are often compared to each other because they’re both luxury German carmakers.

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