BMW and Mercedes: Which brand is better in 2022?

The battle has been going on for decades – BMW vs. Mercedes. Ask anyone and they'll all have their preferences between these two carmakers. But which brand will be the best in 2021? It is important to consider several aspects in order for one person to decide who will win this contest.

This BMW vs. Mercedes-Benz comparison is based on ten factors. You will find the winner based on the criteria you choose. 

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  1. BMW vs. Mercedes: Ten Factors to Take into Account
    1. 1. Model Variety
    2. 2. Performance
    3. 3. Fuel-Efficiency
    4. 4. Safety
    5. 5. Interior Design
    6. 6. Technology
    7. 7. Driving Experience
    8. 8. Start Cost
    9. 9. Owning a home is expensive
    10. 10. Target Audience
  2. BMW or Mercedes: Which car is the best?

BMW vs. Mercedes: Ten Factors to Take into Account

1. Model Variety

Model Variety

There must be something for everyone. Both BMW and Mercedes offer a wide range of cars across many price points.

BMW offers the 5-Series, 3-Series and 7 Series models as part of its car range. Other options include the Z4, Z4 and M models. BMW makes a range of SUVs to appeal to people who want to be like the Joneses. 

Mercedes has a wide range of cars and SUVs. From the C-Class sedan to the luxurious S-Class, the most well-known Mercedes sedans are the C-Class and S-Class. Mercedes offers a wider range of cars than BMW, which tends to be more diverse. 

2. Performance

Bmw Performance

Both manufacturers produce durable, high-performance cars. Both brands are well-known for their reliability. 

BMW's smaller and lighter engines are a major advantage. The 3-Series or 4-Series models, the M line, and the X5 are all powerful, but small-sized motors. 

Mercedes will be your best option if you are looking for high-power and a powerful engine. The CLS-Class sedan may be the right choice for you. 

3. Fuel-Efficiency

Empty Fuel Tank

BMW’s compact engine also has another advantage. This engine is not only lightweight but also saves fuel. 

The Mercedes range will give you the power that you require, but the larger engines may be more efficient. Most Mercedes cars will cost you more to fill up the tank. 

4. Safety

Mercedes Crash

You want your safety to be a priority when you spend a lot on a luxury vehicle. Both Mercedes and BMW have a wide range of safety features to protect you.

Mercedes-Benz must be ranked at the top according to these criteria. Pre-Safe is a system that Mercedes-Benz uses in all models. That’s part of the reason they continue to be ranked among the safest. 

The BMW's construction is an added safety feature. Side impact protection helps ensure that the shell protects occupants in collisions. 

5. Interior Design

Bmw Interior

The interiors of the two brands are made in vastly different ways. Mercedes has a singular focus on making a luxurious and comfortable interior. For a contemporary appeal, you will find leather seats, wood trim and lots of chrome.

BMW on the other side focuses more on ergonomics to ensure that drivers have the driving experience they want. Take the 3-Series for an example. All features are located in the middle console and are positioned directly into the drivers for ease of access. But the 7-Series' interior exudes luxury and is well-known for being luxurious. 

6. Technology

Mercedes Technology

Both firms are keen to include more tech and other amenities into their product lines. Mercedes may have a slight advantage in this area.

M-brace offers security, entertainment, and connectivity. You can control many systems of your car from your smartphone. 

BMW's iDrive system allows for complete control of various functions. In some models, it also offers voice commands and a head up display. 

7. Driving Experience

Due to its smaller engine, BMW weighs less than similar Mercedes. This lower weight allows you to take corners easily, making you feel like you're a racecar driver.

If you prefer to have complete control of your BMW, there are also manual transmissions. Many models of Mercedes are heavy and difficult to move. 

8. Start Cost

A BMW or Mercedes will cost you between $35,000 to $160,000. Comparing like cars side-by, you will find that the Mercedes comes out slightly higher. 

BMW may be the best option for you, especially if your budget is tight. There are a few low-cost entry-level models that both BMW and Mercedes-Benz have to offer. 

9. Owning a home is expensive

Luxury cars will cost more to insure and maintain. There’s no way around it. BMW insurance premiums can be higher than Mercedes's because parts are harder to find and more costly.

To service or repair either of these vehicles, it is important to hire a BMW/Mercedes technician. BMW cars will lose value faster than Mercedes vehicles, which can lead to higher long-term costs. 

10. Target Audience

Each company has worked tirelessly over the years to increase their target market. But, very few things have changed.

BMW appeals more to younger professionals looking for sleek styling, high-performance and quality. Mercedes is popular among older professionals. However, some of the market's younger members have been influenced by the A-Class. 

BMW or Mercedes: Which car is the best?

You can’t go wrong with a BMW or Mercedes if you are looking for a luxury car. Both offer many models with all the luxurious touches that you want.

BMW is a great choice for those who want to drive fast and get better gas mileage. Mercedes cars are well-known for their safety features and high-tech features. It is up to you which features you prefer.

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