Avis Vs Budget Car Rental

Most likely, you have compared several companies when you search for rental cars for business trips or for vacations. You might have found Avis or Budget while researching. Now you need to decide which company is best. Surprised at the differences and similarities of Avis vs. budget car rental companies?

This guide will examine the differences and similarities between these two rental car companies. Based on information provided about each option, we help you to decide which is the best. 

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  1. Comparisons between Avis and Budget
    1. 1. The History
    2. 2. Available
    3. 3. Variety
    4. 4. Prices
    5. 5. Driving age
    6. 6. Mileage Limits
    7. 7. Reputation
  2. Comparisons between Avis vs. Budget
  3. What is better for you: Budget vs. Avis

Comparisons between Avis and Budget

Budget and Avis are both part of the same parent company. Both companies are members of Avis Budget. Avis, however, targets higher-end customers at more expensive prices and imposes stricter age limits. Budget, on the other hand is more focused on lower-cost options and fewer age restrictions. 

1. The History

Warren Avis founded Avis in 1946. It is one of the most established rental agencies in America. The Willow Run Airport in Michigan was the original location. It had just three vehicles. In 1953 it was the country's second largest car rental business. It continued to operate in Mexico, Canada, Europe and the United States until its demise in 2005.

In the 1970s, Avis created “Wizard,” an automated reservation system that is still operational today. Avis continues to be a top-rated rental company, and is gaining popularity every day.

Morris Mirkin founded Budget Rent a Car in 1958. Although only 10 cars were used in the first fleet, Budget expanded its rental services to include franchises across the country two years later. The company was owned multiple times over its life span. 

Cendant Corporation purchased Budget in 2002. Budget was the parent of Avis. In 2006, Cendant Corporation split into many divisions. Avis and Budget both ended up within Avis Budget Group. 

2. Available

Both car rental agencies can be found in many countries. Budget is not the only location Avis can be found.

Avis currently operates in more than 160 countries. Budget, on the other hand, can be found only in around 120. The availability of both Budget and Travelocity might not matter if you travel in the United States. They tend to share the same lots. 

3. Variety

Budget and Avis will offer you a good selection of cars. However, it’s the variety that’s offered that is different.

Avis, for example, tends to be more focused on luxury and high-end models with some affordable options. The opposite is true for budget, which places a greater emphasis on low-cost rentals with some higher-end models. 

4. Prices

Both companies offer a range of coverage options, including varying amounts and deposits, as well as discounts. Budget will charge slightly less for similar cars, however.

You are looking at an average difference of a couple dollars. Those few dollars can be a significant savings if you're trying to make as much as possible. 

5. Driving age

Avis may not be able to rent a car for younger drivers. Anyone 25 or under must pay some extra fees, plus the company requires that your driver’s license is valid for at least a full year. 

Budget’s age limit is anyone over 21 years old. You must have a valid driver's license, a debit/credit card and proof of identity to rent. 

6. Mileage Limits

When you drive with Avis, it’s simple to get a rental that offers unlimited mileage. With this option, you don’t have to pay more based on how much you drive.

Budget has stricter mileage limits. If you don't feel comfortable driving within these limits, you will be charged additional fees. 

7. Reputation

Comparing the companies side by side, Avis has a stronger reputation. It is because Avis has been around for longer than most companies, and it is also one of America's oldest. It’s also been a company at the forefront of technology since the beginning. This rental agency is highly regarded by its exceptional selection of luxury vehicles and excellent services. 

Budget, on the other hand has a great reputation but is a slightly different type of person. People love the flexibility and affordability of renting because of their lower costs. 

The two companies are one and the same. You can therefore expect the general policies and customer service to stay the same. Many users have noted that their experiences with online or employee services were different. 

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Comparisons between Avis vs. Budget

While we’ve discussed the differences between Avis and Budget, there are also plenty of things both companies do at the same time. This is why we decided to highlight the similarities between Avis and Budget.

Below are a few commonalities you might notice.

  • Available for long-term rental
  • Rent a plane one-way
  • Minivan rentals include vans and minivans with 12- and 15-passenger options.
  • For towing or hauling, you can rent a pickup
  • SUV rentals – available in many sizes
  • Sedan rentals – from low-cost economy models to prestigious high-end options
  • Convertibles, sedans, and luxury sports coupes
  • Signage models that are a big hit
  • Hybrids for better fuel economy
  • Ordering/reservation online
  • Many notable accomplishments
  • No cancellation fees
  • Allowance for an additional driver
  • Special Discounts

Before you go on a trip, it’s important to fully evaluate both companies before making a decision. We recommend getting quotes from both companies to see what’s different and the same as you read the terms. 

What is better for you: Budget vs. Avis

It’s difficult to pick a winner between the two car rental companies because both have a lot to offer. Despite this, each company has its own benefits that will appeal to different markets.

Budget is a good option if you want to cut down on costs. This company can provide a low-cost car with no frills. This company allows you to drive a vehicle at a younger age. For this company to be the best option, you can’t care as much about what type of car you are driving.

On the other hand, if you are trying to impress clients or you want to treat yourself to the best and price isn’t an option, Avis is going to be better suited to you. You have more options for luxury vehicles, and they are all fitted with modern technologies to ensure a smoother ride. Avis will rent you a vehicle if you're over 50. 

You might find that one size doesn’t always fit. Budget might be your preferred choice for your family vacation but Avis may work better for business trips. It’s good to try both companies out to see which one you prefer. You might find your overall favorite.

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