Are Volvos Good Cars? Is Volvo reliable?

Volvo is an automaker that places safety first. This has been the foundation of its brand. The design and styling of the models has not been very interesting. They are, in fact, quite bland. However, Volvos are good cars. Is it possible to rely on Volvos reliability?

Volvo cars are reliable and safe. Design has seen a lot of improvement over the last few years. You should be aware that problems may arise and can cost a lot to correct. 

This article will discuss what sets Volvo apart from all other brands. To help you decide on your next purchase, we also review the top and most problematic models. 

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  1. Are Volvos Good Cars?
    1. 1. Safety
    2. 2. Engine
    3. 3. Rust and the Body
    4. 4. Technology and Features
    5. 5. Performance
    6. 6. Affordability
    7. 7. The cost of ownership
    8. 8. Repair & Maintenance Costs
  2. Volvo History
  3. Are Volvos Reliable?
  4. What Common Volvo Problems Are There?
    1. 1. Overconsumption of Oil
    2. 2. Transmission Failure
    3. 3. Topics Cool
  5. Most Reliable Volvo Models
    1. 2019 Volvo V90 Cross Country
    2. 2017 Volvo S90
    3. 2020 Volvo XC40
  6. Volvo Models - The Most Dependable
    1. 2016 Volvo XC90
    2. 2012 Volvo S60
  7. Is Volvo A Good Car To Buy Used?

Are Volvos Good Cars?

1. Safety

Volvo once used the tagline ”safest car in the world,” because of its commitment to protecting people on the road. Since its inception, Volvo has been the top-rated automaker when it comes to safety.

Today’s models come with the latest driver-assist technology, which only further enhances the safety level. However, many of its models still excel in crash testing ratings due to their strong structural design. 

2. Engine

Since inception, Volvo has offered a range of engines. You can choose from a range of engine choices, including diesel and gas models.

You can see that the engine specs are moving in a positive direction with the new lineup. The automaker offers both electric and hybrid powertrains. 

3. Rust and the Body

In the history of complaints against Volvo cars, it’s hard to find a multitude of people talking about corrosion. It seems the body can withstand corrosion for years.

Volvo is proud of the quality of its vehicles. The 12-year/unlimited mileage warranty against corrosion comes standard on all new models. That’s hard to find from other automakers.

4. Technology and Features

You won’t lack anything good in the cabin of a Volvo. With the most up-to-date technologies, many models have been ahead of their time.

Volvo's interior is similar to other luxury brands like Lexus, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Volvo interiors are sure to provide everything you need, whether it is driver-assist technology or comfort features. 

5. Performance

Volvo cars feature powerful engines, which offer the acceleration and power that you want. But, it has not tried to rival the performance of sports cars.

You aren’t going to achieve tight cornering maneuvers or exceptional racing skills behind the wheel of a Volvo. It’s just not meant for that kind of action. 

6. Affordability

You aren’t getting a cheap car when you buy a Volvo. These are luxury cars, so they aren’t labeled in the same category as budget-friendly models.

They can also be cheaper than similar luxury vehicles. The Volvo may have more standard features than the Mercedes-Benz, even if they are priced at the same level. 

7. The cost of ownership

A Volvo can be expensive to own. Volvo is also a highly efficient brand in terms of fuel consumption.

If you opt for a hybrid, it is likely that you will spend less at the pump. You could also spend more money on maintenance and parts.

8. Repair & Maintenance Costs

Volvo's performance here is a disaster. Expect to pay more for Volvo repairs and maintenance. You will pay more for parts and it may be harder to find qualified technicians to repair them. 

Volvo vehicles are known to appreciate quickly. You won’t retain your investment as much as you would with some other luxury brands. 

Volvo History

Volvo 740

Back in 1927, Volvo's first car, the Volvo XL, was launched from a Gothenburg factory. This was the original lineup, and it was made to cope with harsh conditions in Sweden. Volvo is known worldwide for its durability and strength since the very beginning. 

Volvo reached the United States in the 1940s. They set new safety standards and were the first to introduce three-point safety belts to their vehicles in 1959. With the introduction of the Volvo 140 in 1964, Volvo was firmly focused on making family-friendly cars. The station wagon wasn’t far behind this stylish sedan. 

Volvo has been a leader in safety technology since then. It also researched the best way to make a car structurally sound. Volvo has worked hard to create more appealing and fashionable vehicles over the past few years. 

Are Volvos Reliable?

Volvo owners are unanimous in their praise of the brand and reliability of the vehicles. However, certain automotive publications place Volvo in the middle of pack. This suggests that Volvo is only rated averagely. 

Consumer Reports placed Volvo on the 18th place with 26 brands available to be evaluated. RepairPal also found it to be in the middle, with the average number of cars ending up in the shop. 

What Common Volvo Problems Are There?

1. Overconsumption of Oil

One of the most talked about Volvo issues is excessive oil use. In fact, some consumers claim the car runs out of oil before it’s time for a change. 

This problem can lead to severe engine damage if it isn't addressed. Yet, most people don’t think to check the oil that frequently because this is such an absurd problem to have on this level. 

2. Transmission Failure

Some vehicles have experienced premature transmission failure. It is possible that the transmission will initially appear erratic and cause problems for the driver. 

Another problem with these transmissions is their high cost. To replace them, customers will have to pay $4,000 plus. 

3. Topics Cool

Customer complaints about engine overheating are also common. The issue tends to stem from a defective cooling fan that doesn’t run the way it should. 

The engine is prone to heating up and making use of too much oil. Customers will need to have the motor replaced. Many drivers are unhappy because these parts can be very expensive. 

Most Reliable Volvo Models

2019 Volvo V90 Cross Country

While the Volvo V90 Cross Country 2019 might not be your first choice for style, There are few issues with this vehicle, so you should check it out if your goal is to find something durable. 

Car and Driver gave the product an excellent review. The Automobile and Driver also gave it a high rating. Kelley Blue Book, so maybe it’s time to think about driving a wagon. 

2017 Volvo S90

The S90 is a premium Volvo sedan. It also features a low number of complaints which shows its solid construction.

The engine is a strong performer and it’s very classy. The interior is comfortable and spacious, making it ideal for business client entertaining. 

2020 Volvo XC40

You don’t have to look hard to find a luxury SUV that hits all the checkboxes. The 2020 XC40 SUV is beautiful, reliable, and a great choice.

It’s been a top-rated option among some of the major publications. It also doesn’t seem to suffer from some of the expensive defects that other models do. 

Volvo Models - The Most Dependable

2016 Volvo XC90

It is likely that the Volvo XC90 2016 has received more complaints from customers than any other model in this range. The transmission problem we spoke of earlier is not the only issue. There are also other problems.

The first redesign is for the 2016 XC90. The interior is spacious and has lots of features. But the auto-braking system had serious issues. Customers have reported that the auto-operating emergency brakes activated themselves without the need for input. This is especially dangerous when you are driving on highways.

Considering this fault seems to occur within the first 12,000 miles, you might get a vehicle that’s been fixed. You might be tempted to try it, but why?

2012 Volvo S60

The 2012 S60 was subject to a massive recall that shouldn’t have ever happened. The fuel pump software had been found to be incompatible with both the pump and the fuel system. Is it possible for something like this to happen? It is a testament to the care taken in building it.

Transmission issues are also a problem with the Volvo S60 2012. The transmission stops shifting properly, customers complain. Exterior lights often burn out and the mass-airflow sensor can fail, making it expensive to fix. 

Is Volvo A Good Car To Buy Used?

Volvo is a trusted luxury vehicle that can be relied upon, even if you avoid the problems of older models. There are many options for sedans, SUVs, wagons and other vehicles from Volvo. While you won’t find a sports car, there are plenty of family-friendly models available for you to pick from. The Volvo's performance is comparable to other premium brands thanks to the inclusion of advanced equipment.

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