Are Mazdas Good Cars? Do They Have Reliability?

There are many things to take into consideration when looking for a car. One of the most important is reliability – you don’t want to have to worry about your car breaking down all the time. What makes Mazdas such a great car? They are reliable and safe cars.

Mazda's reputation is reliable. It has high safety scores and low ownership costs. There’s also a variety of options for every lifestyle. Mazda's initial cost can be slightly more than other brands. 

This guide will examine the reliability of Mazdas. In this guide, we also discuss which models are best and what you should avoid. 

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  1. Are Mazdas Good Cars?
    1. 1. Safety
    2. 2. Motor
    3. 3. Rust and the Body
    4. 4. Technology and Features
    5. 5. Performance
    6. 6. Affordability
    7. 7. The cost of ownership
    8. 8. Repair & Maintenance Costs
  2. Are Mazdas Reliable?
  3. Mazda History
  4. How common are Mazda Problems?
    1. 1. Failure of Daytime Running Lamps
    2. 2. Disabled airbags
    3. 3. TPMS Warnings & Valve Stem Corrosion
  5. Most Reliable Mazda Models
    1. 2020 Mazda6
    2. Mazda MX-5 Miata 2019
    3. 2020 Mazda CX-5
  6. Mazda Models Most Reliable
    1. 2007 Mazda CX-7
    2. 2008 Mazda 5
  7. Mazda Is a Good Used Car?

Are Mazdas Good Cars?

1. Safety

From the prestigious, nearly the whole Mazda range has won top honors IIHS. These vehicles are sturdy and will keep your family safe.

You don't have to spend extra on the equipment, and the features offer some of the best technology. Mazda's can be outfitted for an affordable price using equipment that is more expensive than other brands. 

2. Motor

Although some publications may tell you that certain Mazda engines are troublesome, this seems to be rare. A well-maintained Mazda will last for more than 200k miles. There are very few Mazda models that have experienced severe engine problems. 

There are also some great Mazda engines. Whether you are looking for a fuel-efficient motor or something with a little more power, there’s a model for you in the lineup. 

3. Rust and the Body

The Mazda body remains well-protected, and still looks fantastic many years later. However, problems have occurred on not all models.

Actually, it was caused by the Mazda3's premature rusting years ago. This was due to the incorrect application of corrosion inhibitor. The rust problem in older Mazdas was well-known.

4. Technology and Features

Mazda isn’t a brand that’s the first to release technology, nor is it the last. Every model comes with a lot of technology. 

Higher-end options will cost more. However, it’s easy to customize a Mazda with just about every feature you can imagine. 

5. Performance

Mazda's lineup of cars is great fun to drive. They are known for their speed and agility. The sports cars are also stylish and attract attention wherever they go. 

Drivers will be pleasantly surprised by the SUVs and sedans. All models are well balanced and offer a touch of adventure. 

6. Affordability

It depends on what model you select, so you may spend slightly less than your competition. The opposite is true for some brands like Honda and Toyota.

You can take a Mazda similar Mazda home for less. The only difference is that the Mazda doesn’t retain its value quite as good as those models. 

7. The cost of ownership

It is possible for your upfront costs to be higher or lower depending on the brand that you compare it with. However, the cost of ownership isn’t too bad.

Mazda cars can be very efficient in terms of fuel consumption and their exceptional safety ratings will help reduce car insurance premiums. You will only have to pay a small amount for parts. 

8. Repair & Maintenance Costs

RepairPal claims that Mazda is more reliable and trustworthy than many brands. Its maintenance and annual repairs are much less than that of most automakers.

Mazdas also tend to be in the shop at the same time as any other vehicle. The severity of the problems, however, is generally lower. 

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Are Mazdas Reliable?

Mazda was ranked as the most reliable car brand in the Consumer Reports rankings in 2020 – dethroning Toyota and Lexus, so according to their reliability ratings there is no doubt as to whether newer Mazda models are reliable.

J.D. J.D. Power appears to tell a completely different story. According to the publication, Mazda is listed just below other brands in terms of industry averages. Mitsubishi comes ahead. This doesn’t change the fact that many owners are able to get 200,000+ miles out of a car. 

What’s interesting is that J.D. Power doesn’t list any particular Mazda model as one of the best in its respective segment. You can’t find the brand listed in compact cars, sedans or SUVs as one of the top options. 

Mazda History

Mazda History

Mazda, a Japanese company, was established in Hiroshima in Japan in 1920. However, it was originally known as Toyo Cork Kogyo. At that time, the company created machine tools and didn’t make the transition to automobiles until 1931, when the three-wheeled Mazda-Go truck was manufactured. 

1958 saw the release of the Romper automobile. This was a 4-wheeled truck which attracted a lot of attention. After this initial release, the company continued to produce new vehicles every year. The company began exporting to America in 1960. In 1971, Mazda Motor of America was founded. 

What’s surprising is the company didn’t change its name to Mazda until 1984, but the vehicles were already known by that name. The MX-5 Roadster, which was first produced in America in 1987, became a huge success with fans. 

Today and in recent years, the lineup is diverse, ensuring there’s a model for every lifestyle. 

How common are Mazda Problems?

1. Failure of Daytime Running Lamps

Flickering has been a problem with some running lights. Extreme cases can cause the lights to go out completely.

The sealing gaskets attached to the wire connector may be releasing sulfur. The system will fail prematurely if this substance is in direct contact with it.

2. Disabled airbags

Mazda was part of the Takata Airbag Recall. But, airbags can have problems beyond those that other manufacturers address.

Mazda may have used sloppy welding techniques that come in contact with many electrical components. These defects are causing airbags malfunction, placing occupants at great risk.

3. TPMS Warnings & Valve Stem Corrosion

Mazda drivers are complaining of false TPMS warnings. There are some tire issues that may not be true. 

There have been reports of valve stem corrosion. Also, tire blowout can also be a problem. 

Most Reliable Mazda Models

2020 Mazda6

The Mazda 6 is a sedan-sized car that offers great fun and value. It feels as if you're driving a sports car when you get behind the wheel.

Yet, it’s filled with the features that matter to your family. You can choose to have the turbocharged 250-horsepower engine or the 187 horsepower four-cylinder engine. 

Mazda MX-5 Miata 2019

While the MX-5 Miata appears small and spunky, its capabilities are far greater than that. With the lightweight design and tuned rear-wheel-drive platform, it’s a lot of fun to drive.

This model also features a 191 horsepower four-cylinder engine that gives it tons of power. If you like to feel the breeze in your hair, the soft-top version is also available. 

2020 Mazda CX-5

For family travel, the CX-5 SUV is attractive. Its high-end cabin is comparable to top luxury automobile manufacturers. 

Additionally, the turbocharged engine on the top trim levels makes it easy to drive. The standard iACTIVSENSE bundle includes all safety features that you require without having to spend extra. 

Mazda Models Most Reliable

2007 Mazda CX-7

CX-7 was the first model to be created prior to CX-5. It was disappointing. The first was that it was an inefficient gas burner, making it challenging for families with busy schedules to take advantage of it.

Additionally, the cabin is noisy, making it difficult to hear what’s happening with loved ones. More importantly, the turbocharged engine wasn’t smooth and it could easily create whiplash when it thrusts the occupants around. 

2008 Mazda 5

There have been many complaints regarding Mazda 5 models but none more severe than the ones found in 2008. This Mazda has severe transmission problems.

Customers have complained that the tranny lockups when it exceeds 30 mph. The dash does not light up even when there is a problem. Dealers needed to replace the transmission control module in order to fix it. Some people may need to replace their transmission. This could be costly at up to $4,000. 

Mazda Is a Good Used Car?

A used Mazda car can be a bargain and will still work reliably. Used Mazda vehicles are affordable and can be used to help you stick to your budget. 

However, it’s important that you do your research into the particular model. Although most Mazdas can be trusted, some have had problems. If you want to avoid costly repair bills and tons of headaches, you need to ensure that the model you choose is one that’s worth your time.

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