Are BMWs Good Cars? Is it reliable?

BMW offers a wide range of luxury vehicles that are geared towards the high-end customer. With high-powered sports cars, sleek sedans and family-friendly SUVs, there’s something for everyone. BMWs are great cars and well worth the money.

BMWs excel in technology and engine performance. This luxury car is designed with all the modern features that you want. A BMW is expensive, both in terms of the initial investment and for the eventual repairs. 

We will be looking at all the BMW models in this guide. This guide also evaluates which models best suit your needs when it comes to reliability. 

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  1. Are BMWs Good Cars?
    1. 1. Safety
    2. 2. Engine
    3. 3. Rust.
    4. 4. Technology and features
    5. 5. Performance
    6. 6. Affordability
    7. 7. The cost of ownership
    8. 8. Repair & Maintenance Costs
  2. Are BMWs Reliable?
  3. BMW History
  4. How common are BMW Problems?
    1. 1. Defective Restraint System
    2. 2. System Failure
    3. 3. Safety terminal for battery safety that is not working
  5. The Most Trustworthy BMW Models
    1. BMW 3 Series 2011, 2011
    2. BMW 1 Series 2013, 2013
    3. 2020 BMW i8
  6. Models of BMW that are the least reliable
    1. 2019 BMW X6
    2. BMW X3 2011,
  7. What makes BMW a good car to buy used?

Are BMWs Good Cars?

1. Safety

BMW cars are safer thanks to their solid construction. The latest BMW models are equipped with advanced technology that will further protect your safety.

There are many BMW models that have received top honors at the IIHS. NHTSA. It is a good idea to check safety ratings before purchasing a vehicle. 

2. Engine

BMW engines are well-known for their power. BMW has engine designs that are exceptionally powerful.

BMW is often referred to as a manufacturer with powerful engines that are also efficient. Many engines can last up to 200,000 miles if they are maintained properly. 

3. Rust.

The BMW lineup isn’t known for excessive rusting. The BMW lineup can rust if it isn't taken care of properly.

BMW cars are more likely to drive closer to the asphalt. They're at greater risk of corrosion in winter. This can be avoided by washing the vehicle often. 

4. Technology and features

In today’s BMW vehicles, you can find a ton of advanced technology. The automaker is known for offering premium comfort features throughout every vehicle.

Base models include tons of options. There are many options available, and you will need to pay a fee for it. 

5. Performance

There’s nothing quite like driving a BMW, which is why so many people want to. They are equipped with powerful motors that can do almost anything.

The driving dynamics are also superior. The car will make you feel like you're a racecar driver by hugging every curve. 

6. Affordability

No matter how you view it, the BMW range is very expensive. With no extra features, the cheapest BMW is still more expensive than $35,000 

BMWs don’t depreciate too quickly either. This is why you'll pay top dollars for a second-hand BMW. 

7. The cost of ownership

A BMW is a significant investment. A BMW will cost you a significant amount to purchase. You also need to pay more in taxes and insurance. 

Although some cars are more fuel efficient than others, you might end up spending too much on fuel when you go for a high-performance model. Worst, you'll end up spending more on repairs and maintenance. 

8. Repair & Maintenance Costs

RepairPal says that the BMW is expensive to maintain and repair. It ranks in 30th place out of 32 brands that were reviewed, so the verdict isn’t good. 

It is more costly to repair than an average repair, and it also tends be more frequent. Additionally, repair costs are more expensive than usual due to the higher severity of issues. This means that you will spend more regardless of how you view it. 

A BMW car is not for everyone. A specialist mechanic might be needed to repair these German-made vehicles.

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Are BMWs Reliable?

J.D. says BMW vehicles rank among the top 50% of all brands and are considered to be reliable. Power. This automaker is ranked higher than Mercedes-Benz and Audi, Infiniti and Infiniti but trails Lexus and Porsche. 

What’s ironic is that the BMW 2-Series is considered the most reliable small premium car, but it’s also one of the company’s lowest-cost options. The BMW 4 Series, BMW 5 Series are also ranked in their respective segments. 

BMW History

Bmw History

Karl Rapp was an engineer from Germany who ran Rapp Motorenwerke throughout World War I. Bavaria's primary manufacturer of military aircraft engines, this company. The Iva engine was first released by Max Friz when he joined the company. Rapp was forced to leave the company in 1916. The entire organization was then restructured and renamed Bayerische Motoren Werke.

The Treaty of Versailles restricted German aviation engineering, which left the company searching for alternative income streams. BMW's first R32 motorcycle was built in 1920 with a boxer-twin engine layout. This is the same powertrain that BMW still uses today. 

BMW released the Dixi in 1928. The 328 was released a little more than ten years later. BMW had become a household name by 1970. 

While BMW has been selling vehicles in America since 1956, it wasn’t until 1994 that the automaker opened its first manufacturing plant in the country. BMW is thriving in America today with its complete line of luxurious vehicles that suit all needs. 

How common are BMW Problems?

1. Defective Restraint System

Airbags and seat belts are the most essential pieces of the car’s safety system. BMW cars can have an error light that indicates the seat belts or airbags are not working correctly. 

Most often, it’s caused by a faulty clock spring or a defective seat weight sensor. The system might not be able to read the data correctly and the airbags may not function properly, putting you at risk. 

2. System Failure

BMW makes several parts of its cooling system from plastic. These parts can become damaged if they are not regularly cooled down and heated up.

The constant heating and cooling that happens in this system is normal, but BMW hasn’t always used appropriate measures to handle it. The material becomes brittle and the parts break down, which can lead to cooling system failure. 

3. Safety terminal for battery safety that is not working

The automaker introduced BST in 2000. It’s designed to keep the car from combusting during an accident by disconnecting the positive battery cables during a collision.

But, it can malfunction and stop the car's starting. If it accidentally disconnects when there wasn’t an accident, the starter and alternator aren’t going to work, as they are both plugged into the BST. 

The Most Trustworthy BMW Models

BMW 3 Series 2011, 2011

The 3 Series is a reliable vehicle that enthusiasts will all agree on. In fact, the 3 Series' 2011 model year ranks as the number one choice. These aren’t expensive models and come well-equipped.

They also don’t deal with any of the major issues that have occurred to the BMW lineup. A 3 Series can be purchased as either a wagon, sedan or convertible for more excitement. 

BMW 1 Series 2013, 2013

The 1 Series, the compact 3 Series model is also available. That’s why this model is just as reliable as the previous one. 

The hatchback's design offers superior reliability and tons of options. It’s not known for spaciousness but gets good gas mileage and provides a fun ride. 

2020 BMW i8

Plug-in hybrids i8 offer futuristic styling and aerodynamic design. You can customize the driving experience with a variety of modes. 

You can travel as far as 35 miles on all-electric without using fuel. The 369 horsepower motor allows the vehicle to reach 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. 

Models of BMW that are the least reliable

2019 BMW X6

BMW X6 luxury sports car. But beauty is only as good as the vehicles themselves. 

The gearbox is very poor on this model. This model can have problems with its electronics, as well as a poor exhaust. These issues could lead to expensive repairs down the line. 

BMW X3 2011,

BMW received mixed reviews when it designed the vehicle. The vehicle is a mix of a truck, and car. Although larger cars are great for family travel and can even be used as a second car, it is not the best.

This makes for a bumpy ride that is difficult to manage. The ride is louder and more bouncy than you would expect. The model's difficulty was not appreciated by everyone. 

What makes BMW a good car to buy used?

With how stylish the BMW lineup is, it’s easy to find a used model that fits your lifestyle and desires. A used BMW model can be found with many high-tech equipment and features. You can also get your money's worth by taking care of them.

On the other hand, it’s expensive to own a BMW. The used vehicle price can be higher than other models. Additional repairs and maintenance will increase the overall amount that you spend.

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