90 Car Dashboard Symbols (Wait Lights & Indicators)

You know the feeling you get when there is a red warning light flashing in your dashboard. It is confusing and so you search the manual quickly to find out what it might be telling us.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the Top 90 car symbols most commonly used and their meanings so that you’ll be better informed the next time a warning light pops up on your dashboard. You can save money by being alert to these warning lights.

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  1. Most Common Car Symbols & Warning Lights
    1. Common Car Dashboard Symbols
    2. Engine & Emission Symbols
    3. Drivetrain Symbols & Warning Lights
    4. Safety symbols
    5. Lighting Symbols
    6. Comfort Symbols
    7. Others Symbols
  2. Most Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What does the car dashboard symbol mean?
    2. What is the meaning of a flashing symbol on a dashboard?
    3. For what purpose do the icons on the dashboard serve?
    4. What are the principal dashboard warning lights

Most Common Car Symbols & Warning Lights

Certain warning lights or symbols on the dashboard are more commonly used than others. While some are only available for certain car brands, others can be found on all car models. The most popular dashboard symbols can be found on all cars.

You should remember that a green or blue light indicates that the system is operating and is in use. A red warning light should indicate that the vehicle is unsafe and that it must be fixed immediately. An orange or yellow warning light should alert you to danger, and be repaired as soon as it is possible. A green or blue light lets you know the system is on and operating

Normaly, the dashboard symbols and warning lights should turn off for about 3-5 seconds when you turn the ignition on. However, if the symbol stays on even while the engine runs, it is likely that something is wrong. If you can’t find the dash symbol you are looking for, take a look in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Common Car Dashboard Symbols

Engine & Emission Symbols

Emission car and engine dashboard lights and symbols can indicate everything, including mechanical and electrical damages.

Drivetrain Symbols & Warning Lights

Drivetrain symbols are the indicators and dashboard lights for everything, from transmission to wheels. We have already mentioned that red lights must be checked immediately.

Safety symbols

Safety symbols must be taken seriously. Especially if it’s a red danger light, you are looking at! If you're unlucky, it can be life or death.

Lighting Symbols

Vehicle lighting symbols are connected to your car’s lighting system. They can be either blue, green or yellow and represent various functions such as turn signals, hazards lights, etc.

Comfort Symbols

Others Symbols

Here is a list of other common dashboard symbols and lights that didn’t fit in any of the categories we’ve covered so far. There are many more if you consider all cars models, but these are just a few examples.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does the car dashboard symbol mean?

There are over 100 different car symbols, so to see each meaning, you must check your owner’s manual for your particular car model. Yellow is used to indicate caution and danger. Red can be used for stop/danger. If your vehicle's system is working, it will be in blue, green or white.
However, it’s important to note that different car models sometimes use different colors for similar warnings, so it’s always best to check your owner’s manual before taking any action.

What is the meaning of a flashing symbol on a dashboard?

The flashing of a check engine light, or any other flashing symbol indicates that there is an issue or major problem. If the dashboard flashes, serious damage and safety problems can result. If you notice a flashing dashboard icon, you need to contact a mechanic immediately. This depends on your car's model. Sometimes a flashing symbol just indicates that the system is working.

For what purpose do the icons on the dashboard serve?

You can see symbols at the dashboard that indicate which systems or devices are operating in your vehicle. If you see a yellow picture on the dashboard, it means that your engine is having problems. The headlights will be on if the light bulbs are green. Other symbols may be present, but they will vary depending upon the car you have. You can usually find an explanation of all the symbols in your car’s owner’s manual.

What are the principal dashboard warning lights

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