8 Finest Catalytic Converter Cleaners Of 2022

Do you share the ethics of an environmentalist? Do you know you might decrease the carbon footprint of your car? 

Sure, your automotive or bike releases poisonous gases into the surroundings, however your catalytic converter reduces the impression. You want the greatest catalytic converter cleaners to make sure the flawless functioning of your car’s converter.

Over time, the catalytic converter falls prey to grime, oil, and different build-ups. Consequently, it could carry out poorly, and your car will find yourself failing the emissions check. Alternatively, it's possible you'll repeatedly see the verify engine gentle that doesn't go away it doesn't matter what.

The excellent news is, you needn't substitute the catalytic converter with a brand new one. Listed below are the 8 greatest catalytic converter cleaners to get the cat working in addition to new!

Can’t look ahead to your complete listing? Check out our prime picks from the lot!

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  1. The 8 Finest Catalytic Converter Cleaners in 2022
    1. 1. OXICAT Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner – Finest Total
    2. 2. Cataclean 120007 Full Engine, Gas, and Exhaust System Cleaner
    3. 3. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Therapy
    4. 4. Chevron Techron Focus Plus Gas System Cleaner
    5. 5. Star Tron Enzyme Gas Therapy Focus
    6. 6. DURA LUBE Extreme Catalytic and Exhaust Therapy Emissions Check Catalytic Cleaner
    7. 7. CRC Assured to Go Emissions Check Formulation
    8. 8. STA-BIL 360 Safety Ethanol Therapy And Gas Stabilizer
  2. Catalytic Converter Cleaner – Purchaser’s Information
    1. Compatibility
    2. Cleansing Vary
    3. Bottle Capability
    4. Cleansing Effectivity
    5. Value
  3. Endnote
  4. Catalytic Cleaners FAQ
    1. Do catalytic converter cleaners really work?
    2. Can a clogged catalytic converter be cleaned?
    3. What occurs should you don’t repair catalytic converter?
    4. Can I put Cataclean in full tank?

The 8 Finest Catalytic Converter Cleaners in 2022

1. OXICAT Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner – Finest Total

Oxicat - Oxygen Sensor &Amp; Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Whereas different cleaners are likely to have all-round cleansing effectivity, the OXICAT is specifically engineered for cleansing catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. The fluid minimizes emissions to assist your automobiles meet the most recent environmental requirements and go the emission check.

With common use of the OXICAT oxygen sensor and catalytic converter, you may preserve the exhaust system of your car clear. It helps forestall the buildup of dangerous residues and gases by dissolving these particles all through the system.

In case your mechanic tells you that you could be must get the catalytic converter modified, do this OXICAT cleaner first. The whole course of of fixing a converter is comparatively costly. Use this catalytic converter cleaner to forestall engine verify gentle from showing and go the emissions check with ease.

One factor that you have to bear in mind whereas utilizing OXICAT is that it's going to work solely when the catalytic converter reaches its customary temperature. Subsequently, if the cat is broken, damaged, or fully-clogged, the cleaner won't be helpful.

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  • Common utilization of this cleaner ensures most effectivity of your gas system
  • TUV verified
  • Efficient for all sorts of petrol and diesel automobiles


  • Is not going to restore a gas exhaust system

2. Cataclean 120007 Full Engine, Gas, and Exhaust System Cleaner

Cataclean 120007 Complete Engine, Fuel, And Exhaust System Cleaner

If you're searching for a top quality catalytic converter cleaner, the Cataclean 120007 is a superb possibility. Although its value is barely on the larger finish, it's a highly-effective cleaner to your complete automotive system.

Cataclean reduces the carbon footprint of your automotive by as much as 50%, which is a substantial impact. It does so by eliminating the deposit on catalytic converters, cylinder heads, oxygen sensors, and even gas injectors. Thus, it's one resolution for all of your engine-related points, and subsequently, among the many greatest catalytic converter cleaners.

Does your car face points comparable to energy discount, use of additional gas for a brief distance, and tough idle? With Cataclean by your aspect, you may take pleasure in improved engine efficiency, gas effectivity, and diminished dangerous emissions.

One other unbelievable factor about Cataclean is that it's authorized in over 50 states. Moreover, it complies with VOC and OTC laws and meets the Federal low sulfur content material necessities.

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  • Protected for diesel, gasoline, and hybrid engines
  • Reduces emissions by 50%
  • Improves the all-round efficiency of auto engine, together with catalytic converters
  • Complies with a number of laws


  • Not appropriate with 2-stroke, oil, or gasoline combine engines

3. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Therapy

Sea Foam Sf-16 Motor Treatment

If you would like a budget-friendly choice to get your catalytic converter working easily, Sea Foam is a good possibility. In enterprise from 1942, the cleaner is trusted by professionals and car homeowners alike.

Sea Foam cleans a number of components of your engine system, together with carburetor passageways, gas injectors, and extra. It removes the dangerous deposits and residues that improve emissions and slows engines. Moreover, it additionally lubricates the higher cylinders.

One other spotlight of this cleaner is that it is usually an efficient gas stabilizer. Sea Foam can prolong the effectivity of your car gas by stopping evaporation and preserving vapors. Moreover, it additionally eliminates build-up and polish formation.

What makes this one of many greatest catalytic converter cleaners is that it provides all these features at minimal costs. Sea Foam is appropriate with gasoline and diesel gas methods in addition to crankcase oil, permitting you to wash your complete car system.

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  • Cleans carburetor passageways by eradicating deposits
  • Stabilizes fuels by stopping evaporation
  • Moderately priced
  • EPA registered


  • One cleaner doesn't present general therapy

4. Chevron Techron Focus Plus Gas System Cleaner

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

One of many outstanding manufacturers acknowledged globally, Chevron provides the most effective gas system cleaner on the market. It makes use of additive expertise to get your engine working with most effectivity, minimizing emissions and resulting in general higher efficiency.

Gasoline and different fuels include hydrocarbons that journey via your car’s gas system. With time, these carbon deposits construct up on catalytic converters, motors, and engines, rising your automotive emissions. The Chevron Techron Focus Plus Gas System fully removes these deposits and ensures that these particles don't accumulate sooner or later.

What’s extra? The gas that you simply load your tank with will not be used up effectively in case your engine has quite a lot of build-ups. Techron Focus Plus retains all of the engine components clear to make sure most utilization of the gas. Even should you personal a automotive with trendy engines, this can work completely effectively.

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  • Minimizes emissions and will increase engine effectivity
  • Maximizes gas economic system
  • Suitable with all sorts of engines.
  • Worth for cash


  • Might require a excessive amount for the proper outcomes

5. Star Tron Enzyme Gas Therapy Focus

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment Concentrate

If you happen to want to get a multipurpose cleaner, the Star Tron Enzyme Gas Therapy Focus is the fitting alternative. It not solely helps cut back emissions by cleansing up your gas system but in addition stabilizes the gas.

In case your car is left unoperated for a while, its engines might get jammed because of the residue build-up. The deposit may additionally occur in case you have not handled your engines for a very long time, which leads to carbon and soot accumulation.

The Star Tron Enzyme Gas Therapy Focus makes use of distinctive enzyme expertise to deal with gums and polish deposits. Consequently, not solely will the emissions cut back, but in addition the engines will run flawlessly.

The cleaner additionally disperses water into submicron-sized droplets and prevents part separation. Furthermore, it stabilizes gas by decreasing evaporation and helps it rejuvenate. Thus, your car’s gas will work for an extended time.

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  • Cleans catalytic converter, valves, injectors, and carburetors 
  • Suitable with all sorts of small and massive car engines
  • Disperses water to forestall part separation
  • Stabilizes gas for as much as 2 years


  • Defective product supply at occasions

6. DURA LUBE Extreme Catalytic and Exhaust Therapy Emissions Check Catalytic Cleaner

Dura Lube Severe Catalytic And Exhaust Treatment Emissions Test Catalytic Cleaner

If you're searching for a mid-ranged but efficient cleaner, DURA LUBE catalytic cleaner is a good alternative. It helps to maintain your catalytic converter protected from oil poisons. These embrace residues and soot that accumulate on the cat and improve emissions.

That's not all. The DURA LUBE Extreme Catalytic Cleaner additionally reduces the retention of zinc and phosphorus on the catalyst inlet. These residues result in blockage and decrease the efficiency of your converter.

DURA LUBE Catalytic Cleaner prevents and resolves the OBD error code that displays the malfunction of your car’s converter.

What makes it one of many greatest catalytic converter cleaners is the longevity of this resolution. One bottle of DURA LUBE cleaner will last as long as 5000 miles, that's, 3 months. Furthermore, it's a common match for all sorts of engines. Thus, you should utilize it for diesel, petrol, and different ethanol fuels.

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  • Will increase gas effectivity and prevents deposit build-up
  • Reduces tailpipe emissions
  • Saves catalytic from phosphorus and zinc retention
  • Lasts for as much as 5000 miles


  • Might not work for each automotive

7. CRC Assured to Go Emissions Check Formulation

Crc Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula

Would you like your car to go the emissions check with none points? The CRC Assured to Go Emissions System Cleaner is simply designed for that objective. Many states require your car to clear the emissions check, which can fail because of extreme deposit on the catalytic converter.

Crc Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test...

CRC Assured to Go Emissions Check...

  • Reduces emissions and improves...
  • Highly effective detergent components super-clean...
  • Use each 3,000 miles to enhance gas...
  • Most allowable cleansing chemistry for...

The CRC Assured to Go cleaner is engineered to reduce carbon oxide, hydrocarbon, and nitrogen oxide emissions. It consists of robust detergent components which can be environment friendly in eradicating these deposits from the gas system of automobiles.

The cleaner is useful for each sorts of emission evaluation strategies—tailpipe exhaust and OBD II plug-in. Moreover, utilizing this cleaner will make your car operate flawlessly. It should enhance engine efficiency and guarantee a clean begin, quick acceleration, and higher airflow.

It's worthwhile to empty the 16 oz bottle into the 16-gallon tan and use-up the gas and cleaner. Subsequent, refill the tank earlier than testing.

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  • Reduces emissions to a substantial extent by eradicating build-up
  • Improves the general car efficiency, together with MPG, acceleration, airflow, and so forth.
  • Works successfully as much as 3000 miles
  • Suitable with all sorts of gasoline and ethanol-mix fuels


  • You solely get a refund after you ship them the restore receipt

8. STA-BIL 360 Safety Ethanol Therapy And Gas Stabilizer

Sta-Bil 360 Protection Ethanol Treatment And Fuel Stabilizer

Whenever you use ethanol-blended fuels, your car might launch a considerable amount of poisonous gases if not handled recurrently. The STA-BIL 360 Safety saves your automobiles from ethanol-related damages. Thus, it will increase the general effectivity of your car engine and gas.

STA-BIL works as a cleaner to take away carbon build-up, varnish, and gum from the catalytic converter, valves, and different components. These deposits can cut back gas effectivity, ensuing within the requirement of extra gas for brief distances.

Thus, this multipurpose therapy fluid cleans the gas system, together with chambers, injectors, and passageways, and ensures glorious working. Consequently, your car gas burns effectively with out emitting an excessive amount of gasoline.

That's not all. STA-BIL 360 Safety Therapy additionally ensures that your gas stays contemporary and stabilized for as much as 12 months. So, if it's a must to go away your car standing for months, ensure that so as to add this liquid. Your engine will work easily even after a protracted storage interval.

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  • Removes gum, varnish, and different deposits from the gas system
  • Saves your engine from corrosion
  • Stabilizes gas for larger effectivity
  • Worth for cash


  • Gas system might require excessive volumes of this cleaner for efficient outcomes

Catalytic Converter Cleaner – Purchaser’s Information

Catalytic converter cleaners are nothing lower than magical options to your automobiles. They'll considerably decrease the carbon footprint of the engine and guarantee its clean working.

Although most cleansing options work effectively, you have to think about a couple of issues whereas shopping for. Right here are some things to search for within the greatest catalytic converter cleaners.

You possibly can discover ways to use these merchandise in our different information: The way to clear a catalytic converter with out eradicating it.


The primary function that you'll want to guarantee in a cleansing fluid is its compatibility together with your car engine. Imagine it or not, a few of these cleaners might not work for all sorts of engines.

You probably have a gasoline automotive or bike, you needn't fear, as most catalytic converter cleaners will work. Quite the opposite, in case you have a car with a contemporary, hybrid engine or a diesel-powered car, you'll want to verify the compatibility.

What you have to notice right here is that the majority high quality cleaners are appropriate with all sorts of engines. So, should you select a very good catalytic converter cleaner, it is going to actually work to your car.

Cleansing Vary

You're searching for a cleaner to deal with your catalytic converter. Nevertheless, most options on the market supply an all-round clear up. They clear your complete exhaust system, together with carburetors, oxygen sensors, valves, passageways, and extra.

All of the components of the gas system are interconnected. Even when one half doesn't operate effectively, your complete operation can get ruined. Selecting a cleansing resolution that covers the entire exhaust system will guarantee the proper working of your car engine.

It should decrease the emissions to nice extents as carbon deposits are discovered all through the system. Furthermore, the mileage, gas effectivity, and general efficiency of your car may even enhance.

Bottle Capability

Chances are you'll discover catalytic converter bottles of various sizes and capacities. Although it could range based on the model and sort of cleaner, most gas tanks require an entire bottle. One factor you have to notice right here is that after you break the seal, its contents won't be environment friendly for lengthy.

Subsequently, the wisest possibility could be to get a bottle of round 10-20 ounces for a mean tank of 16 gallons. As well as, you might even see loads of multipack choices on this line.

Since it's possible you'll want a catalytic converter cleaner for sustaining your car recurrently, getting a multipack is very beneficial. They're comparatively economical, and you should utilize the small bottles one after the other.

Cleansing Effectivity

The scale and variety of bottles that you'll want additionally rely upon the cleansing effectivity of the answer. The greatest catalytic converter cleaners won't require you so as to add quite a lot of this resolution to wash the gas system.

Most cleaner bottles include detailed instructions printed on the pack. It should additionally specify the quantity of cleansing fluid that you'll want. Whereas buying, ensure that to check totally different choices and select probably the most environment friendly one by way of efficiency and efficacy.


One other vital issue that you have to think about whereas shopping for a catalytic converter cleaner is its value. Sure, many of the choices are fairly fairly priced, inside the vary of $5-$15. Nevertheless, you have to nonetheless be cautious about it as your sole objective of selecting a cleaner is because of the price.

When your car fails the emission check, otherwise you see the engine-check gentle, the issue more than likely lies within the catalytic converter. In case you go for changing this converter, it is going to price you about $2000 as a minimum.

Subsequently, selecting a catalytic converter cleaner is the optimum resolution. Nevertheless, evaluate the costs and options whereas buying. Extra so, as you have to to make use of it recurrently to maintain your car engines in good situation.

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Properly-performing catalytic converters should not simply important however downright essential to curb the emissions of your car. Nevertheless, they could typically find yourself performing poorly because of the carbon deposit.

Utilizing an environment friendly catalytic converter cleaner can assist you resolve this drawback each single time. They're cheap, efficient in minimizing emissions and likewise enhance the general efficiency of your car. That mentioned, they may not work on a clogged catalytic converter. On this article, you get the 8 greatest catalytic converter cleaners. So, select the most effective catalytic converter cleaner to your car engine to make sure its flawless efficiency!

Catalytic Cleaners FAQ

Do catalytic converter cleaners really work?

Sure, they do work effectively generally. Nevertheless, in case your catalytic converter is broken or too clogged, it could really not give you the results you want. Whether it is barely clogged, it is going to do wonders to your catalytic converter.

Can a clogged catalytic converter be cleaned?

Sure, a clogged catalytic converter might be cleaned if it isn't too clogged with some components. A too clogged catalytic converter might want to get changed.

What occurs should you don’t repair catalytic converter?

If you happen to simply preserve driving your automotive with a foul catalytic converter, it is going to in all probability cease operating after some time as a result of the exhaust wants someplace to go. The backpressure can injury different components of your engine, although, so it isn't beneficial.

Can I put Cataclean in full tank?

Sure, you may put Cataclean in a full tank. Simply calculate the correct amount you want and ensure there may be sufficient room within the tank for the Cataclean product.

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