700r4 Transmission Specs & Identification (Full Information)

Are you a proud proprietor of a 700r4 transmission? In that case, you’ll need to learn on to be taught extra concerning the specs and options of this transmission, in addition to how you can determine it.

Understanding your transmission’s specs will help you make knowledgeable selections about upgrades and repairs. Moreover, having the ability to determine your transmission can turn out to be useful should you ever have to have it serviced.

So, whether or not you’re simply curious otherwise you’re truly in want of some transmission restore info, hold studying for all the information concerning the 700r4 transmission.

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  1. 700r4 Transmission Specs
  2. Basic Info
    1. Ok-Case Variations
  3. How To Establish a 700r4 Transmission?
    1. 1. Switch Case Gasket Bolt Sample
    2. 2. Identification Tag
  4. 700r4 Troubleshooting Information
    1. 1. Torque Converter gained’t lock and slipping
    2. 2. Revs up however gained’t transfer
    3. 3. The speedometer will not be working correctly
    4. 4. Vibrations throughout acceleration
    5. 5. Not shifting correctly
  5. Frequent 700r4 transmission Issues
    1. 1. The Brake Gentle Change
    2. 2. Worn out TV cable/adjustment
    3. 3. Low fluid degree/burned fluid
    4. 4. Defective Torque Converter
  6. 700r4 Transmissions for Sale
    1. 1. Model New Transmissions & Elements
    2. 2. Used Elements

700r4 Transmission Specs

Basic Info


So what's a 700r4 transmission? The 700r4 Transmission was launched the yr 1982. The 700r4 and the 200-R4 transmission changed the TH350 transmission that yr. The TH350 was a 3 geared transmission with out the final overdrive gear.

The 700r4 was an improve with a further gear (Overdrive). The first and 2nd gear bought a decrease gear ratio, and the transmission case itself turned a bit longer and bigger.

You normally discover the 700r4 transmission in GM vehicles just like the Chevy Blazer, Suburban, Camaro, Corvette, Impala, and even in Oldsmobile Vehicles and plenty of extra. If we talked about all automobile fashions this transmission was put in in, the listing can be very lengthy.

Lots of people just like the 700r4 due to its wonderful sturdiness. On account of its recognition, it is usually fairly easy to search out alternative components for this transmission.

The 700r4 transmission was not electronically managed but; it was hydraulic stress managed with a TV cable, which acted as a throttle place sensor to regulate the gear shifting. In 1991~ the 700r4 transmission was changed by the favored transmission 4L60.

The transmission then turned electronically managed as an alternative of the TV cable, with another modifications that I'll undergo additional down within the article.

In conclusion, the 700r4 transmission is a 4-geared hydraulic computerized transmission with the 4th gear, an overdrive gear (30% improve). The transmission was made between 1982-1992. It had a case size of 23.5″~ and a weight of 170 lbs~ with out fluid inside it. The transmission case has 16 bolts and a switch case of aluminum.

The advisable transmission fluid for the 7004r is Dextron VI, with a capability of 11 Quarts. The transmission is fairly dependable and might deal with torque as much as round 350nm~; do not forget that these are solely the reported numbers, and it may be greater or decrease relying on the age and upkeep.

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Ok-Case Variations

The Ok-case 700r4 transmission was launched because of the “Ok” stamp on the transmission case. The Ok-case 700r4 transmission was designed to work with heavy responsibility 4×4 vehicles, and it is called probably the greatest offroad transmissions. Subsequently, the Ok-case is extra strong and has a thicker switch case.

How To Establish a 700r4 Transmission?

Most GM computerized transmission seems to be nearly equivalent and is difficult to determine for an untrained eye.

Nonetheless, there are some methods to find out if in case you have a 200-4r, 700r4, TH350, or a 4L60 transmission.

1. Switch Case Gasket Bolt Sample

700R4 Gasket

The simplest option to determine if in case you have a 700r4 is to lift your automobile and test the bolts across the switch case.

The 700r4 and the 4L60 transmission makes use of a bolt sample of 16 bolts, so if the transmission seems to be like the image and you may see 16 bolts, you almost certainly have a 700r4 or a 4L60 transmission. So how will you know which one among these you could have?

Nicely, the 700r4 makes use of a TV cable because the speedometer, and the 4L60 is an electronically managed transmission, so should you see wires coming to the transmission on the rear of the transmission on the passenger facet, you could have a 4L60.

2. Identification Tag

700R4 Identification Tag

The most secure option to decide if in case you have a 700r4 transmission is to have a look at the identification tag on the transmission.

You will discover it on the rear facet of the transmission on the passenger facet. It may be fairly robust to see on older vehicles, so you might have to scrub up your transmission to search out it.

If you happen to can see it appropriately, you will discover an identification quantity containing 7-8 characters and numbers.

The first quantity is the yr mannequin of the transmission. For instance, if the quantity is 0, the transmission is from 1990. But it surely’s not that straightforward, as a result of the transmission was made within the Eighties additionally. So you need to test the subsequent letters too.

  • The subsequent 2 or 3 letters determine the mannequin of the transmission. These numbers inform us the applying, engine measurement, wiring kind, and solenoids.
  • If you happen to discover 2 letters, the transmission was made between 1982-1985.
  • If you happen to discover 3 letters, the transmission was made between 1986-1993.

The final option to determine if it’s a 4L60 or a 700r4 is to have a look at the transmission’s rear for the Aux TV Cable or the wirings, as mentioned earlier than.

  • Wirings = 4L60
  • Aux TV Cable = 700r4

The final numbers and letters point out the producer, rebuild, manufacturing, and serial quantity.

These steps are the whole lot it is best to have to determine your transmission appropriately. If you happen to nonetheless have questions on it, you might be welcome to ask any questions concerning the 700r4 transmission in our neighborhood.

700r4 Troubleshooting Information

400R Transmission

Even when the 700r4 transmission is sturdy and dependable, they generally fail. We've got to do not forget that these transmissions are previous and previous issues generally fail.

Right here I'll give some widespread signs of the 700r4 transmission and add a brief line beneath it to elucidate the place it is best to begin searching for the problem.

1. Torque Converter gained’t lock and slipping

When your 700r4 transmission is slipping or gained’t lock, it’s probably an issue with the torque converter contained in the transmission. In case your transmission slips, the very first thing it is best to attempt is to interchange the transmission fluid and generally even to a transmission fluid flush earlier than going into any extra particular repairs

700r4 Transmission Fluid Degree Checking

Let the transmission fluid warmth as much as the working temperature and let your automobile idle at place park whereas checking the dipstick. If the fluid degree is low, attempt to fill it as much as see if it solves the issue.

If you happen to discover that the transmission fluid seems to be darkish pink, brown, and even black, it’s time to interchange it and flush your transmission. Nonetheless, if the transmission fluid appears good and the converter is slipping, I nonetheless suggest that you just change the fluid and do a transmission flush.

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There may very well be an issue with the converter itself, which can have to get changed. Different causes may very well be the TV cable’s adjustment, which I'll talk about additional down within the article.

2. Revs up however gained’t transfer

In case your automobile revs up, however it's going to barely transfer, it is best to start with checking the transmission fluid, as mentioned earlier than. Test the extent and the colour of the transmission fluid.

  • Purple = Okay
  • Brown = Worn out
  • Black = Burned

If the fluid appears okay, it’s time to test your TV cable’s adjustment between the transmission and the throttle physique. I've included a film to simplify the process of the TV cable adjustment.

You'd additionally need to test your brake mild swap to make sure it’s working appropriately.

700r4 TV/Aux Cable Adjustment

3. The speedometer will not be working correctly

In case your speedometer will not be working, there are two totally different variants you'll want to find out about earlier than beginning the troubleshooting. There are each mechanical and digital managed speedometers on the 700r4 transmissions. First, you need to test if in case you have a mechanical or digital speedometer.

Elevate the automobile and take a look at the transmission’s rear. If there's a thicker cable popping out from the rear, you almost certainly have a mechanical speedometer. If you happen to discover a speedometer sensor as an alternative, you could have an digital speedometer.

When you've got a mechanical speedometer – Test should you can see any issues with the speedometer cable, change it should you can see any indicators of wear and tear or different injury. These wires can change into unfastened from the instrument cluster generally, so be sure that it’s put in appropriately.

When you've got an digital speedometer – Test the wirings between the cluster/management unit and the transmission and ensure there isn't a corrosion contained in the connector. If the wires are okay, it’s time to interchange the sensor on the transmission. If the issue persists, there may be an issue together with your instrument cluster.

4. Vibrations throughout acceleration

If you happen to really feel vibrations whereas accelerating your automobile, there's probably an issue with the driveshafts, prop shaft, or torque converter. If you happen to really feel vibrations on a regular basis and never solely throughout acceleration, you might have unbalanced tires.

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5. Not shifting correctly

In case your transmission will not be shifting correctly, you'll want to test the TV cable adjustment, as mentioned earlier than. Additionally, test the transmission fluid degree and change it if it’s worn.

Frequent 700r4 transmission Issues

THM 200R4

There are some widespread issues that it is best to at all times test first if you find yourself troubleshooting your 700r4 transmission. These points consists of:

1. The Brake Gentle Change

There's a swap on the brake pedal, which it is best to test the operate to verify it really works appropriately. There are two totally different variants: both a mixed swap with the brake swap and cruise management swap or a number of separate switches. Test the wirings diagram, be sure that the swap is working appropriately, and there's energy coming to the swap.

2. Worn out TV cable/adjustment

A worn-out TV cable or a defective adjustment is one other widespread difficulty on the 700r4 transmission. Be certain that to regulate the TV cable with the video’s assist. If you happen to can see any indicators of wear and tear or injury on the TV cable, change it!

3. Low fluid degree/burned fluid

The 700r4 transmissions generally leak, which might trigger low transmission fluid ranges, so it is best to at all times test the extent first to make sure it’s nice. Some transmission has been rolling a few years with no transmission fluid change, which might trigger injury to the transmission. Test the fluid degree and change and flush the transmission fluid if it seems to be soiled.

4. Defective Torque Converter

Typically the torque converter can fail on the 700r4 transmission, sadly. These are sometimes fairly costly, and also you want some expertise to interchange these. When you've got carried out the whole lot above and the transmission continues to be slipping, you might need to interchange it. There are some movies on Youtube on how you can change the 700r4 converter.

700r4 Transmissions for Sale

When you've got discovered a extreme downside together with your 700r4 transmission, you would possibly need to change the entire transmission. On account of its recognition, the transmission components are low-cost, each new and used, and you'll find each used and new transmissions for an inexpensive worth.

Nonetheless, if you're going to change components to your transmission, I at all times suggest putting in new parts and by no means putting in used components if attainable. Keep in mind that most of those transmissions are already previous and worn so it’s price getting new components generally.

1. Model New Transmissions & Elements

In case you are searching for simply any components to your 700r4 transmission or searching for a model new transmission, I can suggest that you just test it out on Amazon or Ebay should you dwell within the USA or Europe. There are lots of new components for this transmission, and most of them are fairly prime quality.

Test the latest buyer evaluations of the half to get an concept of the standard of the product. To see the components, you may go to Amazon by clicking Right here.Ir?T=Askamastermec 20&Amp;L=Ur2&Amp;O=1

2. Used Elements

In case you are searching for a used transmission, you'll find it on-line, or you may most likely discover them at any junkyard close by. Bear in mind to examine the transmission intently earlier than you make your buy. Attempt to get as a lot info as attainable about it, just like the mileage, what number of transmission fluid replacements had been carried out, and so on.

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