6 Causes Of Transmission Fluid Leaks (& Restore Price)

Did you discover a fluid leak in your driveway, which appears to return from the automated transmission, or are you simply bored with refilling the transmission fluid?

Then it's undoubtedly time to restore your transmission fluid leak. Repairing transmission fluid leaks doesn't should be very costly, and typically, will probably be surprisingly simple.

On this article, we are going to talk about the commonest causes of a transmission fluid leak and the way a lot it prices to restore it. First, let’s check out the commonest causes:

The most typical purpose for transmission fluid leaks is a foul transmission pan gasket or a rusty transmission pan. Should you or your mechanic didn’t tighten the drain plug correctly the final time, it might even be the trigger. It could actually additionally come from a leaky seal on the transmission.

Here's a extra detailed listing of the commonest causes of a transmission fluid leak.

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  1. 6 Widespread Transmission Fluid Leak Causes
    1. 1. Dangerous Transmission Pan Gasket
    2. 2. Cracked or Rusty Transmission Pan
    3. 3. Leaking Transmission Pan Drain Plug
    4. 4. Bent Transmission Pan
    5. 5. Transmission Fluid Pipe
    6. 6. Clogged Transmission Air flow
  2. Transmission Fluid Leak Restore Price
  3. Is It Protected To Drive With A Transmission Fluid Leak?

6 Widespread Transmission Fluid Leak Causes

1. Dangerous Transmission Pan Gasket

Transmission Gasket Leak

A leaking gasoline pan gasket is the commonest explanation for a leaking automated transmission. The gasket must be changed each time the transmission pan is eliminated on most automobile fashions, however many individuals set up the outdated one once more. This may result in leaks very quickly.

It additionally occurs that they get outdated and begin leaking as a result of the transmission fluid is slowly consuming them.

Some automobile transmission fashions use a sealer as an alternative of a gasket, which may additionally get worn and want a substitute.

2. Cracked or Rusty Transmission Pan

Transmission Pan Removal

One other frequent explanation for a leaking transmission is a cracked transmission pan. A cracked transmission pan do often occurs in case your transmission has an aluminum transmission pan. This may occur should you, for instance, hit a tough object beneath your automobile on the transmission pan whereas driving.

Rust is an issue when you have a metal transmission pan. The pans are fairly skinny material-wise, and in the event that they begin to rust, it can create a gap fairly quick. Examine for any indicators of rust, and should you discover any, it's in all probability time to switch the pan.

3. Leaking Transmission Pan Drain Plug

Transmission Fluid Drain

Not all automated transmission has a drain plug, however some do, and when you have one in your transmission, it's possible leaking. You often discover an O-ring sealing on the drain plug, which must be changed after every fluid substitute.

Most individuals don't exchange this O-ring sealing once they change the fluid, leading to a leaking transmission after some time.

4. Bent Transmission Pan

Transmission Fluid Removal

If somebody earlier than you changed the transmission fluid and had issues eradicating the pan due to robust sealant, for instance, the pan is perhaps bent across the edge.

The metal transmission pans are fairly weak, and if somebody took a giant screwdriver to take away it, there's a threat that they bent it. Examine for any damages across the edges of the transmission pan. Whether it is bent, you perhaps have to switch the transmission pan utterly.

5. Transmission Fluid Pipe

Transmission Line Leak

A not of automated transmissions do even have fluid cooling – not all of them, although. You probably have a cooled automated transmission, you'll more than likely have fluid traces going to the transmission cooler within the entrance of the automobile.

These traces are fabricated from metal and have a tendency to get rust holes and begin to leak. They're additionally going very close to the pan usually, so that you may suppose it's a leak from the pan however is coming from the transmission line above.

6. Clogged Transmission Air flow

Transmission Pan Removed

Most automated transmissions have some kind of open transmission air flow on prime of the transmission to make sure it won't construct an excessive amount of strain within it. These small transmission ventilations can get clogged on some automobile fashions, which is able to create transmission leaks all over the place.

Take a look at the highest to your transmission of some air flow hoses, or ask your approved seller in case your transmission has air flow. As a result of they're put in on the highest of the transmission, they are often troublesome to succeed in.

Transmission Fluid Leak Restore Price

The common transmission fluid leak price is between $100 and $300, relying on the automobile mannequin and labor prices. You may anticipate $50 to $150 in elements and the remainder in labor prices.

Listed here are some examples of repairs that might repair a fluid leak price. The costs embrace elements, new fluids, and labor work. The costs can differ closely relying in your transmission mannequin, but it surely provides you a clue.

Kind of laborValue
Transmission Gasket Alternative Price (Together with Fluid & Filter)$150 to $400
Transmission Pan Alternative (Together with Fluid & Filter)$250 to $500
Transmission Pan Drain Plug Alternative$20 to $50
Transmission Fluid Line Alternative$50 to $200

Is It Protected To Drive With A Transmission Fluid Leak?

If you're certain that the transmission fluid degree is sweet, you received’t injury your transmission with a small leak. The very best observe is to restore the leak as quick as attainable, although.

The extra you drive a automobile that's leaking fluid, the extra the fluid will get drained. In some unspecified time in the future, you'll not have any left, and your transmission will get broken. If the leak is small, it might purchase you time to sprint to the closest service station for repairs.

After all, it's horrible for the atmosphere to have a transmission fluid leak, so it must be repaired as quick as attainable.

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