4L60E Vs 4L80E Transmission Variations (& How To Swap It)

You is perhaps keen on upgrading the transmission in your GM truck or SUV. Many individuals marvel concerning the 4L60E vs. 4L80E transmission variations and if these two can be utilized interchangeably. Whereas there are a number of similarities, there are way more variations.

Among the many variations, you should think about the origin of each transmissions, in addition to the looks, weight and measurement. Moreover, the ability and torque specs are totally different, together with the value, gear ratios and digital configuration. 

On this information, we'll consider each transmissions and present you the variations. Plus, we speak about how the 2 might be swapped. 

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  1. 4L60E vs 4L80E Specs
  2. What's the 4L60E Transmission?
  3. What's the 4L80E Transmission?
  4. 4L60E vs 4L80E Transmission Variations
    1. 1. Origin
    2. 2. Look
    3. 3. Weight/Measurement
    4. 4. Energy/Torque
    5. 5. Worth
    6. 6. Gear Ratios
    7. 7. Electronics
  5. 4L60E vs 4L80E Transmission Similarities
    1. 1. Perform
    2. 2. Digital Management
    3. 3. Sort of Fluid
  6. Can You Swap the 4L60E and 4L80E Transmission?
    1. 1. Transmission Tunnel
    2. 2. Wiring Harness
    3. 3. Driveshaft/Propshaft
    4. 4. Dipstick
    5. 5. Torque Converter/Flexplate
    6. 6. Crossmember

4L60E vs 4L80E Specs

What's the 4L60E Transmission?

4L60E Vs 4L80E

The 4L60E computerized transmission comprises a excessive gear ratio. It additionally gives a variety of torque within the first gear. All the pieces contained in the transmission is produced from aluminum alloy for a sturdy design. 

It additionally comprises a sturdy transmission pan, dependable gear seat, EPC, a 13-vane pump meeting, high-performance cooler, hardened stator shaft with rings and specialised management solenoids. It’s meant for use with rear-wheel drive and it requires 8.4 quarts of fluid. 

This four-speed computerized transmission makes use of two sensors, one which determines the enter and one other for the output. It’s best for SUVs due to its light-weight design. 

What's the 4L80E Transmission?


The 4L80E handles much more than the earlier transmission. It’s designed for the pickup truck with its die-cast aluminum casing. Amongst 4WD configurations, it has one of many largest 32 line shafts. 

This transmission holds 13.5 quarts of fluid. It’s a TH400, but it surely has 25 p.c overdrive included. It was primarily used for ¾- and 1-ton SUVs or vans, beginning with the 1991 mannequin 12 months. It comprises an digital ECU and has undergone a number of upgrades all through the years. 

4L60E vs 4L80E Transmission Variations

1. Origin

With the mannequin names so related, you may suppose that these two computerized transmissions are related, however they're fairly totally different. The 4L60E is an digital transmission that comes from the 700R4. It was utilized in many GMC and Chevy automobiles, beginning with the 1982 mannequin 12 months.

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The 4L80E is the digital overdrive transmission that got here from the TH400 lineup. It’s a mannequin that was designed for high-performance capabilities, whether or not it's with towing and hauling or scorching rodding. 

2. Look

At first look, the 2 transmissions may look related, however a more in-depth look reveals the variations. The 4L80E comprises a pan that's oval, whereas the 4L60E has one that's formed like a rectangle. 

The variety of bolts that each comprise can be totally different. There's one gasket with 17 bolts on 4L80E fashions, whereas the 4L60E pan comprises 16. 

3. Weight/Measurement

Due to the applying, the 4L80E is way heavier and bigger than the opposite transmission. It contains a size of 26.4 inches and weighs 236 kilos. 

Alternatively, the 4L60E weighs simply 150 kilos with none fluid. It is usually solely about 23.5 inches lengthy. 

4. Energy/Torque

The 4L80E presents extra energy than the 4L60E. That’s why it's paired with configurations which have a extra highly effective engine. 

The utmost quantity of torque dealt with by the 4L80E is 440 pound-feet. As compared, the 4L60E can solely deal with as much as 360 pound-feet of torque. 

5. Worth

You'll be able to count on that the 4L80E goes to be dearer due to the development and quantity of energy it handles. It’s an ideal choice in case you have a heavy truck or must push out most speeds. 

Nonetheless, if you're choosing one thing extra budget-friendly, you wish to think about the 4L60E as an alternative. It’s going to have a lower cost general. 

On common, you'll be able to count on to spend a little bit greater than $2,000 for a 4L80E transmission. Alternatively, the 4L60E may solely value $1,500. Except for the upfront value, you should additionally think about all the bills to make the brand new transmission appropriate together with your car. We focus on these upgrades in additional element later within the article. 

6. Gear Ratios

You could know the varied gear ratios when you plan to swap the transmissions. Right here’s what’s discovered with the 4L60E:

  • 1: 3.059
  • 2: 1.625
  • 3: 1.00
  • 4: 0.696
  • R: 2.294

Alternatively, the 4L80E gear ratios are:

  • 1: 2.482
  • 2: 1.482
  • 3: 1.00
  • 4: 0.750
  • R: 2.077

7. Electronics

You'll be able to’t plug and play the 2 transmissions with one another, primarily due to the totally different electronics. They're incompatible with each other the way in which that they're.

For instance, the 4L80E comprises two velocity sensors, whereas the 4L60E has one. Different sensors, wiring harnesses and digital gear can be totally different. 

4L60E vs 4L80E Transmission Similarities

1. Perform

There’s no query that the operate of the 2 transmissions is identical. They're each meant to regulate gears and are utilized in GM automobiles. 

Whereas there are lots of variations, the operate of the 2 stays the identical. As with all transmissions, the engine is linked to the wheels for managed motion. 

2. Digital Management

The way in which that each transmissions work is identical. With both mannequin, you get an electronically-controlled GM transmission.

Digital management transmissions are totally different from a handbook transmission. These require electrical energy to operate appropriately. 

3. Sort of Fluid

With both the 4L60E or 4L80E, you'll need the identical sort of transmission fluid. Each transmissions require Dexron IV to run correctly. 

Nonetheless, the quantity of fluid wanted is totally different between the 2. Moreover, the form of the fluid pan is totally different, as beforehand mentioned. 

Can You Swap the 4L60E and 4L80E Transmission?

You'll be able to interchange the 2 transmissions, but it surely’s not a straightforward swap. Actually, you may need assistance from an expert technician to get the job performed. Among the many many issues you need to take note of, think about these very important components.

1. Transmission Tunnel

You gained’t be capable of place the larger transmission within the house of the smaller one. When you take out the 4L60E and attempt to put within the 4L80E, you should make room for it. 

To change the transmission tunnel, you'll need greater than only a hammer. A welder may even be crucial. 

2. Wiring Harness

We’ve mentioned how the electronics and sensors are totally different between the 2 transmissions. Because of this, you'll be able to’t hook the opposite one up rather than the primary. The wiring isn’t simply going to plug in and work.

As a substitute, you want a appropriate wiring harness that converts every part over. That is going to value you some further cash, regardless of which method you're swapping out the transmissions. Moreover, when you aren’t acquainted with the electronics and sensors, you desire a skilled to deal with the job so nothing will get by chance fried. 

You could discover some swap kits on the markets although.

3. Driveshaft/Propshaft

The 4L80E driveshaft isn’t the identical size because the 4L60E. You could maintain this in thoughts earlier than you swap out the 2. The best resolution is to buy a driveshaft of the suitable size.

When you can’t get what you want, you may want to go to a particular store as an alternative. A certified technician will be capable of create an extended driveshaft or make the prevailing one shorter. 

4. Dipstick

You'll be able to’t swap out the dipsticks of both transmission. Each transmissions maintain a special quantity of fluid, requiring its personal dipstick to work correctly.

If you will swap out the transmission, you should additionally buy the suitable dipstick. If the transmission doesn’t include one, you should buy it on Amazon.

5. Torque Converter/Flexplate

You'll need a brand new torque converter or flexplate if you wish to swap the transmissions. You may choose to search for a particular adapter equipment. These include the spacer and enter shaft wanted to work with the particular converter.

If you're buying the transmission from a junkyard or rebuilt, it’s simpler to get the components with it. Be certain it comes with every part required to make the swap. 

6. Crossmember

that the 4L60E is shorter than the 4L80E. Because of this, you should additionally check out the crossmember in your GM car as a result of they aren’t going to be appropriate. 

You could modify the crossmember to suit the brand new transmission. If you'd like, you should purchase the crossmember that works with the transmission to make issues simpler. Nonetheless, there’s additionally the choice to get somebody to weld you a brand new crossmember. 

You don’t wish to swap out any transmission except you get the brand new one to line up completely. It should be straight for optimum efficiency. 

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