4 Steps to Find the Radio Code That Will Unlock Your Car Stereo

You replaced the battery in your vehicle and realized the radio had been turned off when you first started your car.

This is an issue that is common because many people don't realize they need radio codes until it is too late.

Unlocking a radio can be difficult if you didn’t get the radio code when you purchased the car. There is an easy solution.

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  1. What radio codes can you find?
    1. 1. Check your owner’s manual
    2. 2. Visit the manufacturer’s website
    3. 3. Contact or visit your local dealer
    4. 4. Call a Local Car Audio Center
  2. Aftermarket stereo unlocking

What radio codes can you find?

You should follow these steps to locate your radio code. Follow these steps to retrieve your car’s radio code.

Total time: 10 minutes

1. Check your owner’s manual

Car Owners Manual

The first step you should take when trying to find the radio code is to check your owner’s manual. The owner’s manual is often located in the glove box or with the documents you got when you bought the car.
Usually, when the car got delivered by the manufacturer, they either glued or printed a radio card or label into the owner’s manual. The radio card and all other documents can be found on another sheet of paper. You can also often find instructions in your owner’s manual on how to find the radio code.

2. Visit the manufacturer’s website

Manufacturer Website

If you didn’t have any luck checking the owner’s manual, it is now time to check the manufacturer’s website. Logging in is often required to verify you own the vehicle. The radio code can also be found in an app that is installed by the car manufacturer. Once the code is validated, they will send it to you by email.
This does not apply to aftermarket radios. Another option is to search related sites for information regarding retrieving the radio codes specific to your vehicle model.

3. Contact or visit your local dealer

Call Dealer

If you couldn’t find any related information on their website, you can give it a try to call your local dealer where you bought your car. If they are authorized dealers for the car model, you can usually retrieve your radio code from their database. It does not work for aftermarket radios and cars bought from dealers that aren't authorized.
Unfortunately, this can often cost 30$ – 50$ for you to retrieve the radio code, depending on the car brand.

4. Call a Local Car Audio Center

Car Audio Shop

You don't want to give up if you tried all the above but nothing worked. Although it is possible to use this method with an aftermarket stereo system, it may not work well with the original.
Google maps will help you find the closest car audio shop. They can take your car and have a look to determine if it is possible to unlock the car's stereo. They may have the tools and information you need to easily unlock your car's radio.

Aftermarket stereo unlocking

Aftermarket stereos do not have a locking mechanism. However, premium brands may have one. You may not be able to use the above methods if you own an aftermarket stereo. In this instance, the code that you received when the radio was purchased is required.

It doesn't matter if it wasn't you who bought your car stereo, or you have lost your documents. You can still call the radio manufacturers. These are some of the best-known aftermarket stereo companies.

ManufacturerTelephone Number

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