3 Signs Of A Dangerous Oil Strain Sensor (Substitute Value)

Perhaps you’ve by no means heard of an oil strain sensor earlier than. Or, perhaps you will have however don't know what it's or the way it works.

On this information, we’re trying to not solely inform you on what an oil strain sensor is but additionally to inform you among the signs of a defective one and the way a lot it prices to switch it if yours is dangerous.

Your oil strain sensor is an important a part of your engine. So, how will you inform if it’s defective and not working? 

The commonest symptom of a nasty oil strain sensor is an oil strain warning gentle in your dashboard. Your engine may present up the test engine gentle resulting from non-functional oil management valves. This may result in a loud engine.

Whereas these are the most typical indicators to search for, it’s not all of them. Here's a extra detailed record of the signs of a nasty oil strain sensor.

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  1. Dangerous Oil Strain Sensor Signs
    1. 1. Oil strain gentle on sprint 
    2. 2. Noisy Timing Chain and Engine
    3. 3. Oil Leak From Oil Strain Sensor 
  2. What's an Oil Strain Sensor?
  3. Oil Strain Sensor Location 
  4. Oil Strain Sensor Substitute Value 
  5. Diagnosing a defective oil strain sensor
  6. FAQs
    1. Are you able to drive with a defective oil strain sensor?
    2. How lengthy do oil strain sensors final?
    3. How lengthy does it take to switch an oil strain sensor?
    4. How do I reset my oil strain sensor?
  7. Conclusion 

Dangerous Oil Strain Sensor Signs

1. Oil strain gentle on sprint 

Engine Oil Pressure Light

One of the crucial frequent signs of a defective oil strain sensor is your oil strain gentle illuminating in your sprint cluster. This gentle is illuminated when your oil strain sensor detects low oil strain or excessive oil strain after which sends a sign to your ECU, which then passes a sign to your sprint cluster, switching in your oil warning gentle on. 

In principle that is the way it works. Nevertheless, in case your sensor is defective then it'll swap the oil gentle on even when the oil strain is OK.

The simplest option to decide this fault is to manually test your oil strain with a strain gauge. In case your oil strain is regular then this is able to point out a defective sensor. One other technique of diagnosing this fault is to make use of a fault code reader and see if there are any saved faults in your car’s ECU pertaining to your oil strain sensor. 

2. Noisy Timing Chain and Engine

Timing Chain

In case your engine has a timing chain that's oil fed, then having the proper oil strain is much more essential. It is because your chain makes use of the oil pumped out of your oil pump to maintain itself lubricated and transferring freely. The tensioners that maintain the chain’s stress in place are additionally typically oil fed which once more is one more reason why sustaining oil strain is significant. 

In case your engine oil strain drops, this will trigger your chain tensioners to slacken off which leaves you with a free chain that whips and will get thrown round in opposition to the varied pulleys and housings. That is often audible as you stand subsequent to the car whereas the engine is sat at idle. It can sound like a deep, metallic rattling noise coming out of your engine block. 

In the event you can hear this out of your engine but your oil gentle has not illuminated, this generally is a signal of a defective oil strain sensor. In case your chain has misplaced its stress resulting from lack of oil strain and your oil gentle hasn’t illuminated in your sprint cluster then, after finishing up the required repairs in your engine to rectify the fault with the chain, it’s essential to switch the oil strain sensor additionally. 

You might also expertise different noisy engine elements in case your oil strain is low.

3. Oil Leak From Oil Strain Sensor 

Engine Oil Leak

Your oil strain sensor is designed to be sat within the oil system of your automotive in order that it may possibly detect the oil strain. Nevertheless, this will typically result in your oil strain leaking oil both from the threads or via the centre of the particular sensor itself. 

Vauxhalls are recognized for having this as a typical drawback on a few of their fashions, the place the oil strain sensor leaks oil via the centre of its physique, filling the block connector and spraying the engine bay with oil. 

You possibly can simply diagnose this fault by checking for any oil leaks from across the strain sensor, take away the sensor’s block connector to test inside for oil, if you happen to discover any oil in both of those places you then’ll want to switch your sensor. It's also possible to visually examine the sensor while the engine is idling and ensure there’s no signal of any oil leaking from the sensor physique.

What's an Oil Strain Sensor?

Oil Pressure Sensor

Most trendy automobiles have an oil strain sensor fitted someplace on the engine block. This sensor permits the car’s ECU to find out the – yep you guessed it- working strain of the oil throughout the engine. 

This permits the engine to passively monitor whether or not the oil system loses strain. If for no matter motive your engine does lose it’s oil strain, this may end up in main harm to the remainder of your engine which is the principle motive for it being continually monitored. 

The strain is created by your car’s oil pump, which merely lifts the engine oil out of your sump to the top of your engine to each cool and lubricate the varied engine elements. If the oil strain drops then your engine is not in a position to hold lubricated or cooled successfully and may end up in elements seizing, inflicting irreversible harm and a heavy invoice. 

That is the principle motive why your oil strain is continually monitored. So, as quickly as your oil strain gentle illuminates, swap off the engine and don’t restart till it’s been repaired. By doing this, you’ll forestall additional harm from happening. 

Oil Strain Sensor Location 

Oil Pressure Sensor Location

The precise location of your oil strain sensor can fluctuate relying in your make, mannequin and engine.

The oil strain sensor is usually situated within the engine block close to the underside of the cylinder head. Nevertheless it may also be put in on the cylinder head. It can have a block connector connected to it and have 1 or 2 skinny wires connected. 

Oil Strain Sensor Substitute Value 

The typical oil strain sensor substitute price is between $50 and $250, relying on the automotive mannequin and labor prices. An oil strain sensor prices $30 to $100, and the labor prices $20 to $150.

The fee for an oil strain sensor will rely completely in your car’s particular product quantity for the half, however you may count on to pay something from $5-$100. Luckily, if you wish to pay somebody to suit it, labor will often solely be between 30 Minutes – 1 Hour, relying on the place the sensor is situated.

Diagnosing a defective oil strain sensor

Diagnosing a defective oil strain sensor is usually fairly easy when you have the sensor’s right measurements. The sensor does typically have only one or two pins, which ought to have a particular resistance to floor. To know the precise resistance, you want at a given oil strain; it's essential to test your restore guide or the oil strain sensor producer’s manuals.


Are you able to drive with a defective oil strain sensor?

In case you have a defective oil strain sensor, it's best to switch it as quickly as doable. The oil strain sensor is liable for monitoring the oil strain within the engine and appearing as a warning system if the strain will get too low. This can assist to stop engine harm brought on by low oil strain. Whilst you can drive with a defective oil strain sensor, it's not advisable to take action since there's a threat of engine harm if you happen to can’t see when the oil strain is low.

How lengthy do oil strain sensors final?

Oil strain sensors are designed to final a very long time, sometimes the lifetime of the car on most automotive fashions. It is usually fairly uncommon that they put on out. Nevertheless, like some other element in your automotive, they will ultimately fail.

How lengthy does it take to switch an oil strain sensor?

It is determined by the make and mannequin of your car, however typically talking, it shouldn’t take greater than 1 hour to switch an oil strain sensor. Nevertheless, if you happen to’re not accustomed to engaged on automobiles, it may possibly take longer and it’s at all times finest to seek the advice of an expert mechanic to verify the job is completed accurately.

How do I reset my oil strain sensor?

There isn't any option to reset a traditional oil strain sensor. After you put in the brand new one, simply begin the automotive engine and it is best to see the oil strain gentle disappear if every thing else is sweet and there are not any different points with the oil strain or wirings.


As a result of oil sensor’s easy design, they are usually pretty low cost to choose up and simple to switch. Simply watch out as you change the sensor that you just look ahead to oil leaking out as you take away the sensor from the engine block. You’ll wish to watch out that you just don’t over-tighten your new sensor additionally, as this may be simply accomplished. 

Anytime you're employed on a part of your engine that includes oil, it’s at all times finest to put on gloves to guard your pores and skin from the dangerous chemical substances which are constructed into the oil. Additionally, as soon as the work is accomplished, test your oil stage along with your car sat on a flat, stage floor and high up if required.

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