10 Best Electric Garage Heaters Of 2022 – Review & Guide

Do you get tired of being cold in your garage? Or worse, having to close the door completely during winter months. We were too, and that’s why we These are the most popular electric garage heaters.

Not only are these space heaters great at heating up your garage, but they’re among the easiest to set up and use. There are so many options for electric space heaters that it may be hard to pick the one you like.

We have tracked down and reviewed ten of the best, and then we answered any questions you might have in our comprehensive buyer’s guide. If you’re in the market for an electric garage heater, you’ve come to the right place.

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  1. These are the Top 10 Electric Garage Heaters for 2022
    1. 1. Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater – Best Overall
    2. 2. ISILER Space Heater – Best Budget
    3. 3. Broan-NuTone High-Capacity Wall Heater – Premium Choice
    4. 4. AgiiMan Portable Electric Garage Heater – Best For Small Garages
    5. 5. Heat Storm HS-1500 Wi-Fi Infrared Heater – Best for Large Garages
    6. 6. Briza Infrared Garage Heater – Best Portable Garage Heater
    7. 7. Dr. Infrared Portable Heater
    8. 8. DIMPLEX Garage and Shop Heater
    9. 9. Amazon Basics Ceramic Heater Oscillating
    10. 10. Aikoper Ceramic Tower Heater
  2. Garage Heater Buyer’s Guide
    1. What Powerful Space Heater do You Really Need?
    2. Voltage Requirements
    3. Electric Space Heaters: The Advantages
    4. Protection features built-in
    5. There are many types of electric space heaters
  3. Final Thoughts

These are the Top 10 Electric Garage Heaters for 2022

1. Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater – Best Overall

Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater

If you’re looking for the best combination of price and performance, then the Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater is the way to go. Not only is it one of the easiest options to install and use, but it does a great job of keeping you warm while you’re working in your garage.

The heater comes equipped with an overheating safety sensor that will keep you protected. Two units! You can also set up more stations in order to heat your garage.

This electric garage heater has one problem. It only heats up what it is directed at. That means if you’re looking for a garage heater to heat up your Complete garage, this probably isn’t what Please enter your email address’re looking for.

But if you’re looking for something to keep you warm out in your garage while you’re working, you won’t find a better choice. The distinction is important, but it does allow this space heater to be available for a lower price, and it’s a more energy-efficient design.

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There are pros

  • Great combination of performance and price
  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Included an overheating safety detector
  • Includes two units
  • Excellent heater


  • It only heats them up directly.

2. ISILER Space Heater – Best Budget

Isiler Space Heater

If you’re on a tight budget but simply need an electric space heater for your garage, check out this ISILER space heater. Not only is it super affordable, but it quickly warms up rooms and it’s super easy to set up and use.

It features both tip-over and overheat protection to help keep you safe, and it’s one of the easiest space heaters to move around. The thermostat can be adjusted to adjust the temperature. This gives you much more control.

The heater is budget-friendly and works best in small spaces. This space heater has a maximum area of 108 square feet. That's a little smaller than garages.

However, because of how lightweight and portable this space heater is, it’s pretty easy to move it to wherever you’re working in the garage that day. If you don’t need to heat up the Complete Garage, the space heater could be the best fit.

Even better, since you’re not heating up the portion of the room you don’t need, you’re saving yourself a bit of money both in the initial price of the space heater and the electrical cost associated with running it!

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There are pros

  • Very reasonable
  • Overheat and tip-over protection
  • Warms up rooms quickly
  • It is easy to setup and use
  • Temperature control adjustable


  • A smaller heater is only suitable for very small areas

3. Broan-NuTone High-Capacity Wall Heater – Premium Choice

Broan-Nutone High-Capacity Wall Heater

You need the very best garage equipment, so make sure you check out this website. Broan-NuTone The Wall Heater with High Capacity. It’s a 4,000-wattage space heater that can easily heat up your entire garage.

However, keep in mind that to achieve this maximum wattage you’ll need to use 240-voltage to install it, and that’s not something that every garage has access to. Sure, you can convert it to a 120-voltage, but you’re cutting the maximum wattage in half to 2,000.

This makes it a little more difficult to install if your garage has already got those outlets. This space heater has two major benefits. First, it looks natural if it is recessed in the wall.

While that’s true, not every garage comes with a setup that’s easy to install a recessed space heater into. You don’t have to recess this heater, but it won’t blend in and look as stylish if you don’t. Still, this is our premium choice, and that’s because it does a lot of things right.

It's a space heater that looks great if installed correctly. It runs quietly, and it’ll easily last year after year thanks to its super-durable construction.

It comes with built-in thermal overload protection to keep you and everyone else safe, and it’s also one of the easiest space heaters to use once you finish setting everything up. If you’re looking for the best of the best and don’t care about the more complicated install, this is it and it’s not all that close.

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There are pros

  • A very discreet and effective heater
  • Easy to use
  • Inbuilt thermal overload protection
  • Very durable design
  • Quiet design


  • Option that is more expensive
  • Uses 240-voltage best
  • Hard to recess the heater – depending on your garage setup

4. AgiiMan Portable Electric Garage Heater – Best For Small Garages

Agiiman Portable Electric Garage Heater

Not everyone has a massive garage at home to heat up, and if that’s you, then you don’t need to invest in a larger and more expensive space heater. You will find the AgiiMan portable electric garage heater exactly what you are looking for.

It’s powerful enough to heat up a smaller garage with ease, but it’s more affordably priced, so you’re not overspending on features that you don’t need. It's also energy efficient, which will lower your electricity bills than other space heaters.

While it’s an affordable small space heater, you still get some of the top technologies out there too. The heater still offers overheat protection, which will keep your family and pets safe. It also has a built in thermostat to maintain the right temperature inside your garage.

It’s everything that you could ask for in a space heater at a price that you could only dream of if you needed a larger space heater. If you have a small garage don’t overpay. You can set this space heater up in seconds, and it’ll do everything you want and more.

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There are pros

  • Accessible pricing
  • Simple to setup and move
  • Built-in overheat protection
  • Thermostat-controlled temperature
  • Energy-efficient design


  • You can only use it in very small areas.

5. Heat Storm HS-1500 Wi-Fi Infrared Heater – Best for Large Garages

Heat Storm Hs-1500 Wi-Fi Infrared Heater

While smaller space heaters might get the job done in smaller garages if you’re looking to heat up a larger garage, then you’re going to need something with a little more oomph. That’s where the Heat Storm HS-1500 Wi-Fi Infrared Heater really shines.

This space heater provides plenty of power to heat up your garage, and it’s one of the easiest electric space heaters to use. The space heater has buttons on its side, and it can also be controlled via Wi-Fi.

This particular model mounts up to a wall to stay out of your way, but there is an option with feet if you don’t have the wall space. The entire space heater is extremely energy efficient, which means you won’t send your energy bills through the roof when you’re using this heater.

Finally, while this space heater is more expensive than some of the smaller space heaters on our list, compared to other large space heaters, it’s super affordable. In fact, our only complaint about this space heater is the fact that you can’t get both the feet and the wall-mounting capabilities in one unit.

That means if your needs change down the road, you’re stuck with one or the other. It’s not a huge deal for most people, but we would love the extra versatility if they included both capabilities on each model.

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There are pros

  • Larger heaters are more affordably priced
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • It is simple to use
  • It does not go out of sight
  • Energy-efficient design


  • Wall space is required to make it work.

6. Briza Infrared Garage Heater – Best Portable Garage Heater

Briza Infrared Garage Heater

If you’re constantly moving around your garage or simply want to have a space heater you can move out to different events, then the Briza Infrared Garage Heater is the way to go. Sure, it’s one of the more expensive options on our list, but considering how easy it is to use and how effective it is, it’s worth every penny.

The infrared garage heating unit comes with wall mount capabilities as well as a tripod. This makes it one the most flexible options. It also has tons of safety features that make it one the most safe heaters.

These features include an overheat sensor, tip-over protection and a timer to ensure you don't forget to turn the device off. But while it’s a more expensive choice, that’s not our only complaint. A thermostat would have been a better option.

The electric garage heater only has three heat levels that can be cycled through. While that gives you some versatility and control, it’s not as precise as some of the other garage heaters we highlighted. It’s not a huge deal, but for the price of this heater, it’s something we think it should have.

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There are pros

  • It is very easy to use, and it's also quite portable
  • Super effective heater
  • If you wish, wall-mountable is possible
  • Remote control activated
  • Timer built-in
  • Tip-over protection features


  • Option that is more expensive
  • A thermostat is not required to control the temperature (only 3 heat levels).

7. Dr. Infrared Portable Heater

Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

If you really dig the appearance of classic hardware and appliances, then you’re going to love the Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater It definitely has an old-school appearance that isn’t for everyone, but for others, it matches the décor perfectly.

Despite its old-school look, the device still offers all of today's safety features. It has tip-over protection and heat protection as well as an automatic 12-hour shutoff. This feature helps reduce accident risk, which is quite significant.

Easy to install, this corded space heater uses standard 120-voltage power that can be plugged into almost any wall outlet. But while there’s plenty to love about this space heater, it didn’t earn one of the top accolades for a reason.

First, it’s a bit more expensive compared to some of the other space heaters on our list. Second, it’s larger than many of the other space heaters. That means it takes up more space, and if you don’t like the classic appearance then there’s nowhere you can really hide it.

But take a look at it, if you like the way it looks and don’t mind spending just a little bit more, it might be the perfect electric space heater for your garage.

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There are pros

  • Energy-efficient design
  • Protect your tip and protect yourself from overheat
  • Automatic shutoff Timer for 12 Hours
  • 120-voltage


  • A little more costly
  • Setup Bulkier

8. DIMPLEX Garage and Shop Heater

Dimplex Garage And Shop Heater

Few space heaters can provide as much heating power as DIMPLEX Garage and Shop Heater. It is especially important if your garage is larger and you live in colder areas. However, while we love the heating capabilities, it’s also a more expensive option, and it Beatitudes 240-voltage.

That makes it much more challenging to set up if you don’t already have a 240-voltage outlet in your garage. It’s this and the price that sent it down our list. Still, if you do have those capabilities and you can afford the upfront cost, you’re really getting an outstanding electric space heater.

It’s super easy to use once it’s set up, and its hanging design saves a ton of space in your garage. It is made of a durable material that can be used year after year.

You can turn your garage into a paradise by adding the heat protection features. It’s all about whether or not you have the capabilities to set it up and can afford it.

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There are pros

  • Excellent heater
  • You have overheat protection
  • Durable and durable design
  • Garage space is saved and easy to use


  • Option that is more expensive
  • Required 240-voltage

9. Amazon Basics Ceramic Heater Oscillating

Amazon Basics Oscillating Ceramic Heater

The Amazon Basics Oscillating Ceramic Heater is the lowest-priced option on our list, and while it doesn’t quite earn the nod as our budget choice, it’s still a nice little low-priced space heater.

Not only is it super affordable, but it’s also the easiest space heater on our list to set up and use. Because of its smaller size, it fits perfectly on top of a desk or workbench, which means if you’re stationary when you’re working in your garage, it won’t have any problem heating you up.

The oscillating function can help you to feel heat as the heater heats up. But the real issue with this space heater stems from just that – it’ll try to heat up the entire room.

It’s not the most effective space heater, and it only has three output settings. Although it produces heat, not enough to heat a garage by itself. Still, it does come with a 1-year warranty, and they didn’t sacrifice on safety at all.

This space heater is very affordable and has overheat and tip protection. It’s not the best of the best, but if you’re on a super tight budget or simply need a small space heater, you could do worse than the Amazon Basics Oscillating Ceramic Heater. You can even get several of these heaters for this low price if your home has an open outlet.

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There are pros

  • Very reasonable
  • Oscillating design
  • Included is a 1-year warranty
  • Easy to use and move
  • Protect your tip and protect yourself from overheat


  • The best heater isn't the one that works.
  • Three output options

10. Aikoper Ceramic Tower Heater

Aikoper Ceramic Tower Heater

The Aikoper Ceramic Tower Heater might be the last option on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice. It uses an energy-efficient design to help keep your energy bill low, and it’s both easy to use and move around.

Not only can you control it from the machine itself, but it comes with a remote control that lets you control what’s going on from anywhere in your garage. And while it’s an affordably priced option, it still has essential safety features like tip-over and overheating protection.

But while we’d be more than happy with this space heater in our garage, it did fall to the bottom of our list for a reason. First, it’s not the most effective design. The tower captures a lot of the heat and doesn’t do the best job dispersing it around the room.

Furthermore, there are only two output options. It would be nice to have more control over the heat that can be emitted and less room.

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There are pros

  • Energy-efficient design
  • Protect against tipping over and heat loss
  • Accessible pricing
  • Remote control included
  • It's easy to use and can be moved easily


  • This isn't the best design.
  • There are only two settings for output

Garage Heater Buyer’s Guide

It can be difficult to choose one of the many amazing space heaters available. That is why we are here to help.

That’s why we came up with this comprehensive buyer’s guide to walk you through everything you need to know and help you pick out the perfect space heater for your garage the first time.

What Powerful Space Heater do You Really Need?

You don’t want a space heater that pushes out too little heat to make a difference, but you also don’t want to spend more than you need to on a space heater that’s too powerful for your garage.

A general rule is that you will need approximately ten watts to heat one square foot. A 1,500-watt space heater can heat approximately 150 square feet. A space heater of 4,000 watts can be used to heat 400 sq. feet.

However, keep in mind that this is just a general rule of thumb, and the colder the climate the more powerful space heater you’ll need. You will need to use a stronger space heater for extremely cold environments, however the 10-watt-to-1 square foot rule works well in most cases.

Voltage Requirements

Before you bring any electric space heater into your home, it’s essential that you take a look at the wattage that it uses. Even though space heaters are the strongest, they use only 240-voltage. Not every garage is equipped with 240. In fact, most don’t.

That means if you want a 240-voltage space heater in the garage, you’ll need to retrofit the garage to have a 240-voltage outlet. This can be a more expensive process, although it’ll give the capabilities to have a more powerful electric space heater out there.

Another option is the 120-voltage area heater. This heater uses a regular American wall outlet and is the most straightforward to use. However, the tradeoff is usually power.

Many 120-voltage space heaters are capable of powering heaters between 1,500 and 2,008 watts. It’s enough for most garages, but using the lower voltage certainly limits your maximum power output some. You should also remember that although 240-volt heaters can be converted into 120-volt by using a converter, it usually reduces your wattage output by half.

Electric Space Heaters: The Advantages

If you’re considering an electric space heater for your garage, it’s probably because they come with a litany of advantages compared to other heating options. We’ll highlight a few of these perks for you here.

First of all, space heaters tend to be more affordable than traditional HVAC units. Electric space heaters can be installed in a few minutes. Most electric space heaters can be connected to an electrical outlet.

These heaters heat quickly so you can get your garage heated up faster. Since you don’t want to leave the space heater on all the time, having it quickly heat up your working space is a huge advantage.

The best part about electric space heaters is their portability. Even if they’re on the larger side of things for an electric space heater, that’s still normally far smaller than other heating options. And since all you need to do is plug them in to get them to work, they’re also pretty easy to move around.

The majority of electric heaters can be carried around easily, and are therefore very portable.

Protection features built-in

You want the minimum safety features in any space heater that you purchase. Overheat protection should be a standard feature in every space heater, as well as all heaters on this list. This feature cuts the power if it gets too hot, and it’s a great way to prevent a fire.

Tip-over protection is the next thing you should look for in a space heater. This feature is not available on every space heater, and it's possible for some space heaters to fall over. If it’s a freestanding electric space heater it needs this feature to keep you safe.

Finally, it’s best if your space heater has an automatic shutoff timer. If you forget to turn off your space heater, this ensures that it doesn’t run continuously. This will reduce your risk of having a fire and also help you keep your energy costs low.

There are many types of electric space heaters

When you’re picking out your next electric space heater, one of the most important decisions you need to make is the type of electric space heater you will go with. We’ve highlighted four of the options you have and the pros and cons of each here.

Remember that there are many options for space heaters. You can have more than one type or you can change between styles.


While hanging space heaters aren’t the easiest to set up, they have a few distinct advantages over every other type. They take up very little space. Since they hang from the ceiling, they typically don’t take up any extra space.

You have more options for where to mount it. You have more choices because most garages already have ceiling space. Just keep in mind that you’ll still need access to an outlet, even if you do mount them to the ceiling.


Space heaters mounted on walls are usually larger than most other types of heaters. This is because they have more wattage or power. They can heat up larger spaces because of this, and they’re an excellent choice for larger garages.

However, you need to ensure that you have an area along the wall that’s open for the space heater and that it has enough space to project heat across the rest of the garage. Mounting these space heaters is a bit more challenging compared to other options, but once they’re up, they’re pretty easy to use and work with.

The space heaters that are wall mounted take up more space than the other types of electric heaters. Make sure you have somewhere for the heater to be placed before placing an order.


Portable space heaters come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, they’re pretty easy to move around. Some portable heaters are small enough to fit under tables while others can be used on tops of tripods.

Portable space heaters have the advantage of being portable and easy to move around. So, even if you get a portable space heater that isn’t quite powerful enough to heat up your entire garage, you can move it to where you’re working in the garage that day.

Furthermore, if you’re heading out somewhere and need a little extra heat, portable space heaters are typically easy to pack up so you can bring it along. As long as you have somewhere to plug in your portable space heater, you’re good to go.


A tower space heater is exactly what it sounds like. It's a heater which stands tall in a narrow tower. The towers can oscillate which allows them to heat up wider areas.

Tower space heaters require somewhere to stand, but if you have a corner where they can stand, then they’re not a bad choice. Just keep in mind that many tower space heaters don’t do the best job projecting heat out across an entire room – even when they use a higher wattage.

Final Thoughts

The last thing you want to deal with is a cold garage when you’re trying to get something done. You can use any one of the electric garage heaters to warm up your garage, making it more useful.

What are you waiting to do? Choose from the following list to find the ideal space heater and your garage will be transformed into a warmer place in no matter how cold it is.

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